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Mercedes C63 AMG – Spring Street, NYC

July 22nd, 2009 by Stu

C63 wheel well soho

Mercedes wasn’t the first automaker to stuff a behemoth powerplant into the engine bay of an everyday passenger car. And they certainly won’t be the last. But their skunkworks AMG division has learned a thing or two over the years about transforming your mom’s luxury car into Satan’s drag racer. This Arctic White C63, based on the company’s best selling C-Class luxury car, was found loitering on Spring Street one sunny July afternoon.

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BMW 2002 – Spring Street, NYC

March 10th, 2009 by Ian

Its amazing to watch your visual interpretation of a design change over time. When a next generation model is introduced, the fresh details tend to make the older iteration appear dated and out of touch. But this iconic BMW’s simple yet uninterrupted design always has, and always will, look fantastic. From the basic 3 box design to the early interpretation of the twin kidney grille, the 2002 (1968 – 1977) is a true classic. Seen here in original, unrestored condition, it looks like the owner uses the car every chance he gets.