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Volvo 122S B18 – Groveland Terrace, Minneapolis

May 3rd, 2010 by Emir

The streets of Minneapolis were a hard pill for this Portland local to swallow. They were devoid of true classics short of the sunny Sunday posers. Portland on the other hand is the Mecca for classic cars that are actually used daily. I guess this makes sense considering the harsh Minneapolis winters and corrosive salt capable of destroying cars, old and new, in no time. So I was surprised and impressed to see this rusty, oil-leaking Swedish classic stationed near the Walker Art Center. B18 badge and Swedish flag proudly displayed, I wondered if this survivor belonged to one of the Scandinavian natives of Minnesota (Viking or something). It was an odd combo, Walker Art Center, the home of modern art, and a half-dead, classic 122S. Nevertheless a pretty good choice for the slippery Minneapolis roads – it was the first car with three-point seat belts, and the first to have any kind of seat belt as standard equipment. They don’t call ’em safe for nothing folks.

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Citroen 2CV – 35th Ave S & Colfax, Minneapolis

April 12th, 2010 by Emir

Likely the subject of a recent resto, this handsome 2CV from the City of Lakes appears better than new. We spot our share of junkers and clunkers left to rot in driveways and scrapyards across the country, so it’s refreshing to run into well-maintained classics like this once and a while. The paint, body and trim pieces all look great and I really dig the aluminum fender skirts front and rear. Here’s to keeping this ugly duck alive for another 40 years.

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