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Mini Cooper Coupe JCW Photo Shoot: Water Street – DUMBO, BK

July 15th, 2012 by Anthony

Pictured: Mini’s Saucy Cooper Coupe posing suggestively on Water Street in Brooklyn

If I were an advertising copywriter tasked with developing pithy headlines for Mini’s Cooper Coupe, they might look something like this…

Maximum Mini, Mini to the Max, Cute No More, The anti-adorable…well, you get the picture. The iconic British brand wants to level the gender playing field when it comes to who’s buying their nimble little cars. Sure, the S variety of Cooper, with its twin-charged engine and racy add-ons, appeals to a devoted army of male driving enthusiasts. But apparently not at the scale Mini deems acceptable. As far as I’m concerned, the Cooper Coupe is the equalizer.

Mini was good enough to let us form our own opinions with a loaded, Pepper White John Cooper Works edition (pictured above) that was loaned to us one recent weekend. Say what you will about the design, but it turned a ton of heads during my time behind the wheel. One dude even asked me if I chopped the roof myself. I dig it…like Mini’s cheeky british homage to the hot rod class.

The driving experience is virtually identical to that of the already capable Cooper S John Cooper Works, perhaps slightly sportier thanks to the righteously tuned exhaust that spits and snorts like an angry hog when you get up on the accelerator. Probably the biggest departure from Mini’s typical formula is the 2-seat layout and lack of hatchback utility.

The Verdict: A unique alternative to premium sports coupe mainstays.

PROS – Additive proportions, impressive acceleration, grabby brakes, righteous exhaust

CONS – Poor rearward visibility, jarring ride quality, $40K price tag

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Mini Cooper S [John Cooper Works] – Spring Street, NYC

August 25th, 2010 by Ian

Spotted this John Cooper Works Mini that is mightier than the rest on Spring Street in Soho. Unlike someone we know, this owner was able to control him or herself from covering the entire body in carbon fiber accents and ridiculously oversized rear wings. The result is a boy racer with a tasteful level of modifications that really emphasizes this hot hatchback’s ability to get up and go. All of the modern day Minis are pretty great thanks to their agile handling, great fuel economy, relative light weight, free scheduled manintenance and famous BMW fit & finish, but I particularly adore these supercharged gen 1 models. They somehow appear cleaner and less bulbous than the twin scroll turbo gen 2 models currently in dealers

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Original Mini Cooper – Sun Valley, CA

August 23rd, 2010 by Mike

I recently had the opportunity to go exploring in the streets of Sun Valley during a recent trip. Walking around, sun blazing, I began to recognize a common theme of expansive properties, dirt yards, roosters, mammals, at least three vehicles per household, at least two of them sitting immobile with the hoods up, horse trailers, boats and Sea Doos, all with months of dirt on them, baking in the sun.

I happen upon a yard full of kiddie pools with gangs of ducks wading in them and feel the need to remind myself that I’m only 15 minutes from Downtown LA. Across the street, behind a locked gate, is this great looking Mini of the vintage variety. As I’m admiring it, and enjoying the fact that it’s on Dayton wire wheels, the owner pulls up riding a mini 80cc dirtbike with extra loud exhaust mods. Late twenties/early thirties, shirtless, silver chain around his neck, heavily tatted, arriving home from the liquor store with a large grocery bag in hand (meaning he rode to the store on public roads with no helmet, and shopped in the store with no shirt on). He’s polite and thanked me for complimenting the car and then proceeded to open up the gate to expose two trailers on the property (Airstream and regular RV). There is no house to be found.

Maybe he lives in the Airstream and cooks meth in the RV? Or maybe he’s just a nice guy with no hangups about living in a trailer in a dirt lot as long as he can have his dream car. Weigh in below with your thoughts.


Mini Cooper – 10 Freeway, Culver City

December 8th, 2009 by Mike

Culver City Cooper

It’s funny how Minis can make everyday vehicles around them look a bit silly. Even though it appears the car is standing still, we were actually traveling next to it at 75 mph. This super clean pre-BMW Mini is modified just enough to affirm you’re seeing something special – but your attention isn’t drawn to any one mod.

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Mini Cooper S Clubman – 71st & Lexington, NYC

May 27th, 2009 by Ian

mini-clubmanClubman is Mini’s mash up of go kart-like performance, cheeky British charm and everyday utility. Seen here at dusk, this turbocharged, “Pepper White” example looks prime for NYC’s famous pothole slalom.

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Alfa Romeo Brera – Piazza Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy

May 17th, 2009 by Stu

alfa romeo breraWith intoxicating curves hammered into cold steel by the legendary design house Pininfarina, the seductive Brera represents one more reason to bring the Italian brand back over to this side of the pond. Sporting a rather modest (by American standards) 256 hp powerplant from its 3.2 liter V6, the Brera won’t knock your head back (0 – 62 mph in about 7.0 secs), but is certainly competitive with other premium hot hatches like the VW GTI, Mini Cooper S and Volvo C30.

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Mini Coopers Everywhere – Mercer Street, NYC

February 23rd, 2009 by Ian

Three modern day Mini Coopers, all caught in one beautiful frame – scenes like this are the reason we carry bulky cameras around all day. Each of these Minis are of the racy “S” variety, but the 2 on either end are second generation versions. The gen 1 example racing up the middle can be identified by its 17-inch multi-spoke wheels and less shiny “S” badge above the wheel well. Apparently New Yorkers are not the only ones loving Mini Coopers these days. While most automakers struggled to stay alive in 2008, BMW-owned Mini posted its best ever sales (+29%).

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