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1951 Lincoln Sport Sedan – Mercer Street, NYC

December 29th, 2009 by Ian


Spend more than 30 seconds on the streets of Manhattan and you’re bound to see at least one blacked out Lincoln Town Car jockeyed by a black suit with a lead foot. Coming into contact with these thoroughly bland livery vehicles on a daily basis makes it easy to forget about the heritage behind the Lincoln nameplate. Lincoln was afterall the official limousine for the President dating back to 1939, when the then coveted brand reeked of status, taste and American luxury. We were immediately reminded of this former glory upon spotting this stunning ’51 Sport Sedan casually parked in front of Soho’s Antique Garage.

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Alfa Romeo Spider 1.8L Twin Spark – Mercer Street, NYC

November 29th, 2009 by Ian


As if legal immunity and ridiculous parking privileges weren’t enough, you can now add grey market importation to the list of cool shit Diplomats get away with in New York City.  We’re not sure if this sexy 916-series Spider lives at the Italian consulate or not but it sure does look purty basking in the Mercer Street sunshine. The sighting also makes us that much more excited for the brand’s long-awaited U.S. comeback tour. 

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Porsche 911 Targa 4 – Mercer Street, NYC

June 25th, 2009 by Ian


911-targaWe all love Targas for the non committal reverence they pay to open top motoring. The best of both worlds indeed, a handsome coupe when you need it and the wind rushing through your hair when you don’t.

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Ford Bronco 302 – Mercer Street, NYC

April 23rd, 2009 by Ian

This utterly immaculate Ford Bronco doesn’t look like it spends much time on the trail, but it sure is pretty. Short of the one OJ drove on that fateful day, the Bronco nameplate lost much of its cool factor after the 1st generation (1966-1977) model pictured here. Now that automakers have embraced small crossovers and utes, perhaps it is time to bring back Bronco for another go around.


Mini Coopers Everywhere – Mercer Street, NYC

February 23rd, 2009 by Ian

Three modern day Mini Coopers, all caught in one beautiful frame – scenes like this are the reason we carry bulky cameras around all day. Each of these Minis are of the racy “S” variety, but the 2 on either end are second generation versions. The gen 1 example racing up the middle can be identified by its 17-inch multi-spoke wheels and less shiny “S” badge above the wheel well. Apparently New Yorkers are not the only ones loving Mini Coopers these days. While most automakers struggled to stay alive in 2008, BMW-owned Mini posted its best ever sales (+29%).

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