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Bertone X1/9 – Great Jones and Broadway, NYC

December 16th, 2009 by Stu

Bertone X1/9We don’t pass by too many cars with a Bertone badge on the hood. While Turin’s legendary design house has skinned its fair share of production and concept cars over the last century, it was usually because they were contracted to do so by another automaker. But Fiat relinquished control of these capable little mid engine sports cars in 1982 after they decided to exit the US market – all manufacturing duties subsequently shifted to Bertone from that point forward. They even hired Malcolm Bricklin, the Yugo man himself, to distribute the X1/9 in America. However dated it may look now, the X1/9 is handsome little car in a Pontiac Fiero meets Porsche 914 sort of way. Too bad there are no affordable little mid engine sports cars like this now. That is until VW brings their hot BlueSport to market.

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