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GMC Value Van – East 81st Street, NYC

March 5th, 2010 by Ian

I was charmed by this old “walk in” delivery van parked alongside an Upper East Side fire hydrant. Perhaps my favorite little detail is the windshield wiper mechanism. It looks like the bell that rang when it was time to change periods in high school. As I approached the old van and started taking pictures, a scruffy, tough looking older gentleman aggressively communicated “no pictures”. Eventually I convinced him to let me snap the van but not him. Maybe he is wanted or something. All I know is never to mess with anyone who owns and operates a blade sharpening business out of a van.

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President Obama's Cadillac – Sixth Ave, NYC

May 31st, 2009 by Ian


obamaThe nation’s first couple painted the town red on Saturday night. Dinner at Blue Hill Restaurant and post meal theatrics on Broadway. We snapped the presidential limousine as it transported the pair up Sixth Avenue, where NYPD had closed down the street for the occasion.

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