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Confederate Motorcycles – Cycle World NY International Motorcycle Show

January 28th, 2010 by Stu

Conferderate’s brochure for their P120 Fighter (pictured above) doesn’t much delve into specific features. Sure, it references the 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum used throughout its construction. And it mentions the 160HP V-Twin that is nestled into the naked, minimalist frame. But most of the pages highlight famous quotes and clever copy that speak to being an individual and breaking all the rules. After all, anyone who buys a bike like this is not the least bit concerned with fading into the background. Confederate describes their aesthetic as being crafted, industrial, sculptural and honest. I am going to tack bad ass and not-from-this-world onto that list. Also in the Confederate booth was P120’s evil carbon fiber brother – the Wraith.

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