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Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance – Beverly Hills, CA

April 19th, 2010 by Mike

The funny thing about most car shows is the car people. I’m blown away by the irony of walking through a lot full of incredible cars so tastefully kept (or restored) and then meeting the owners, dressed in Mom jeans and ergonomic sneakers, sporting wet-gelled hair.

Personally, I prefer to live in a fantasy world where every dude who drives an Aston Martin chooses his clothing and cocktails using the same discrimination with which he chose his vehicle.

Taking the shuttle bus up to Beverly Hills’ Greystone Mansion and walking onto the Concours d’Elegance grounds was like stepping into that fantasy world. The inaugural event, produced in conjunction with Gooding & Company, featured more than 100 cars and motorcycles. Fred Astaire’s 1927 Rolls-Royce and Rita Hayworth’s 1953 Cadillac were among them. I hope you enjoy the photos and video as much as we enjoyed the catered food and champagne, mansion tour, fashion show and best of all, the gentleman with the grey beard and leather jacket who hand-cranked his vintage Rolls Royce to a roaring start during the show, to much enthusiastic applause.


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Festa di Ferrari Concours – Stamford, CT

October 5th, 2009 by Stu

1963 Ferrari 250 GTE

In one day I have attended a Concours d’Elegance dedicated to Ferrari, enjoyed a CNBC Biography about the legacy of Enzo Ferrari and stumbled upon the high octane chase scene in Bad Boys II where Will Smith’s 575MM victoriously chases down gun-toting Jamaican drug dealers driving a stolen tractor trailer. All this media exposure, public attention and unbridled enthusiasm for a brand that has never aired a single advertisement. It seems there is something to these cars from Maranello. Something beyond horsepower, top speed and technological advances. Something that gives young boys goose-bumps and makes grown men cut checks for obscene amounts of money.

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Greenwich Concours D'Elegance – Greenwich, CT

June 8th, 2009 by Ian

greenwich-concours-deleganceConcours events originated in France in the 1920s as gatherings for owners and coachbuilders who wanted to show off their latest custom bodied creations. The modern Concours shows pay homage to this classic tradition of taking a rolling chassis and fitting a personalized body to it. Walking the show grounds, located on the edge of the Long Island Sound, is a refreshing look into the past, especially considering the mass production and homogeny we see all over the road today.

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