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Spy Shot: Jeep Grand Cherokee – Beverly Hills, CA

August 9th, 2010 by Stu

One of our left coast readers caught this curiously camouflaged Jeep Grand Cherokee rolling around Beverly Hills early this morning. The masked over badges, blacked out body panels and manufacturer plates easily identify this baby as a test mule of some sort. The only questions are what are they testing and why are they testing it in Beverly Hills? The new for 2011 Grand Cherokee is already in showrooms which means that something entirely different might be lurking beneath that sheet metal. SRT-8 anyone? Please speculate after the jump.

Good spot Ryan.

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Ferrari Testarossa – Gregory blvd, Beverly Hills

October 30th, 2009 by Nick


From the cheese grater side intakes to the glorious 1980s pop up style headlights, this baby is one of the more exotic models the Prancing Horse has ever put out. So it almost seems tragic to let this sports car icon wither away in the California sunshine. But its beautiful decay is also an indication of how much fun the owner has had behind the wheel. Nothing tragic about that. Although it does need some obvious TLC judging by the cobwebs cluttering the Pininfarina-designed side strakes and leaves caught in the engine cover. Common man, wash your damn Ferrari.

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