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Metropoli Auto Show – Prato, Italy

May 9th, 2011 by Ian

On a recent business trip to Italy, I was greeted at the hotel by a stable of European beauties basking under the Tuscan sun. After just landing on the redeye, and not sleeping in almost 24 hours, I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or not. I found myself standing in the hotel parking lot with not another human to be found, just rows of stunning classics as far as the eye could see. It’s all a beautiful blur.

Despite my zombie-like stupor, what I did take away from all of this was a beautiful reminder of why I love Italians. 1) Look at these gorgeous tartan wool horse blankets that they use to shield the sun. You can tell that they’ve been in the family for 85 years, and they’re not going anywhere. Note to Americans, rethink that tinfoil looking crap you use to block the sun.  2) Only in Italy can a VW Beetle look this appealing. The curves and proportions seem to evoke a whole different feeling on Italian soil.  I left this trip yearning for vintage VW Beetle.  3)  Notice I’m the only person out there.  That’s because Italians would rather hang out inside the hotel and drink espresso.  Which meant I had the lot to myself.

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Special Delivery – Porsche Carrera GT En Route To Owner

May 5th, 2011 by Ian

If feels good to find things you’ve been looking for. Like a cool pair of limited production sneakers or one of the last remaining tickets to that concert you’re dying to go to. You immediately email a friend, just oozing with excitement about the purchase. Well, that just happened and I was on the receiving end of the email. My buddy, let’s call him Mr. Brown (MOTM respects anonymity), is not dealing in sneakers, but rather a Porsche Carrera GT. And the subject line read, “The last of the pure driver’s here in a week.”  Thank you Mr. Brown, now I’m really psyched about those sneakers I just ordered.

Check out the real talk with Mr. Brown after the jump..

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Vintage Keychains – 25th Street Flea Market, NYC

April 29th, 2011 by Ian

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1973 Citroen SM – Fifth Avenue, NYC

April 15th, 2011 by Ian

You don’t see these Citroën SM‘s very often. Not ever really. Love it or hate it, the precocious French sports coupe was well ahead of its time from a style, design and technology standpoint. And while the exaggerated Art Decco influence and wheel spats might not look all that sporty, the futurisitic GT car [produced during 70 and 75] was quite the performer and, at the time, was the fastest front wheel drive vehicle you could get. Maserati even shared a few major mechanical bits, like drivetrain and tranny, on some of their models of the era when the two automakers joined forces [Citroën purchased Maserati in 1968].

Can you dig it?

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Rolls Royce Silver Spur VS Ghost – South of Houston, NYC

March 29th, 2011 by Ian

Old versus new. Classic versus modern. Original versus retro. It all centers on the notion of using company origins to inform the future. In the case of automotive sculpture, designers are no strangers to using classic sheet metal to inspire future product. And here we have it, spotted in the heart of SOHO, an older Silver Spur and a brand spanking new Ghost sitting in close proximity to one another for easy comparison. Hey, you gotta love New York right? Sure, the now dated Spur won’t go down in history for being one of the brand’s most coveted or collectable models, but, like the Ghost that succeeded it, both vehicles are stately, powerful, whisper quiet, lavish as lavish can be and were clearly envisioned to be the ultimate status symbol for any driver deep pocketed enough to possess the keys. The trend toward sheer and utter opulance was followed closely despite the 20+ year age difference and varying design details. A Rolls Royce is a Rolls Royce after all.

A little known fact…the Silver Spur, as it’s known in Long Wheel Base form (SWB = Silver Spirit), was the first RR to feature the retractable Spirit of Ecstasy.


GI Joe’s Defender – Great Jones Street, NYC

March 7th, 2011 by Ian

We’ve already spotted his Ducati in Portland. Now we have this four-wheelin Defender in NYC to match. The camo doesn’t really help the classic ute to blend into the urban back drop, but it sure looks cool.

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Ford Bronco XLT – Barrow Street, NYC

February 9th, 2011 by Ian

First word that comes to mind when I encounter one of these Broncos starts with an O and ends with a J. But don’t let the “The Juice” tarnish this old workhorse’s stronger-than-oak reputation. Truth be told, they have been blazing trails and providing gratuitous levels of utility for a lot longer than the infamous football player has been making headlines.

Chew on that.

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Under the Hood: Mark Oldman

January 26th, 2011 by Ian

Pictured: Anti-snob wine expert and acclaimed writer Mark Oldman, standing proudly with his ’07 Parnelli Jones Mustang.

It was one of those random NYC moments.  I happen to be crossing the street when I heard the roar of something otherworldly.  I turned my head and caught the glimpse of what seemed to be a NYC taxi on steroids.  As this bright orange blur inched closer I decided to raise my arm up and try to hail it down. To my surprise the man behind the wheel pulled over to me and rolled down his window.  “Hey what’s up?,” he said. My response, “what the hell is this thing, I heard you from 2 blocks away?”  Then the light turned green, and it was time to move. ”my name is Mark Oldman,” he screamed over first gear and then chirped through the light. Shit, I missed the I went home and googled Mark Oldman.

It turns out that Mark Oldman is one of the country’s leading wine personalities. Seriously, the guy is way into grapes…lead judge on the PBS series “The Winemakers,” a regular on Martha Stewart Radio’s “Living Today, and the wine guru for “Everyday with Rachel Ray.”  He also leads wine lectures and courses all over the country, including the Aspen Food and Wine Classic, and the South Beach Food Network Wine and Food Festival.  Oh, I forgot to mention the 5 incredibly successful wine books he’s written..including his most recent release “Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine.”

Putting aside all these accolades and accomplishments, Oldman happens to be one of the nicest, most down to earth guys around.  I exchanged a few emails with him, and the next day I was sitting shotgun in his bad ass 400 HP Parnelli Jones Edition-Mustang. Oldman lovingly refers to it as “El Tigre.” The “Grabber Orange” paint and matte black details stick out like a sore thumb amongst all the yuppified Range Rovers and BMW’s stacked 5-deep in the garage. Yet, this is the kind of sore thumb you want, the kind that grins at you and says “saddle up partner, we got some fast driving to do.”

This model was named after the legendary racer Parnelli Jones, and his autograph is on the dash to prove it.  The power, color, and form of this beast pay homage to Jones’ 1970 Boss 302 Mustang, which ruled the SCCA Trans AM Series in the early seventies.  “El Tigre” is #480 of only 500 produced, with #001 belonging to Parnelli Jones himself.  This car has all the retro-muscle details you want and expect.  The matte black shaker protrudes from the hood to swallow some high pressure air, while the hood pins make sure that hood stays put; side note: they look tough as hell. The jet black louvers that cover the rear window ensure poor visibility for the driver, but also scare the shit out of any would–be tailgaters.

After our ride, Oldman was kind enough to invite me into his new apartment to check out some of his wine, and art collection.  And this is only the wine that he keeps at home, there’s a storage facility down the block for the real collection.  I also got to see the office where these books are crafted.  He only moved in four months ago, and he’s been on a book give the guy a break about the mess and lack of furniture.  Most importantly his car is in the garage below, there’s plenty of wine in the fridge, and there’s art on the walls.  We don’t feel so bad..

Check out the real talk with Mark Oldman, after the speed bump.

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All Snowed In: 2010 Edition – Sixth Avenue, NYC

December 27th, 2010 by Ian

As you can see, we caught the result of an iconic car chase scene, frozen in time. Only this time, there is a Yellow Hemi Charger (above) where the white Challenger used to be. The opponent…one of New York’s finest of course…a Crown Vic packing a police Interceptor (below). We’ll let you know how the high-speed chase ensues as soon as the city thaws out. It’s a damn shame…all that kick and no where to gallop. Seriously though, NYC got pounded with serious amounts of snow in the past 24 hours. The streets resemble a slip and slide for those non-taxis dumb enough to be driving today. Wind gusts were up to 68 mph, Central Park got 20 inches dropped on it, and white-outs are blowing around every corner. Even better, all the flights coming in and out of NYC have been grounded, leading to 1,000+ flight cancellations and more than a few pissed off holiday travelers.

Man on the Move would like to remind you that if you are going to drive this Holiday season…be sure to do so using snow tires.

Stay warm.

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Range Rover Classic – Soho, NYC

December 22nd, 2010 by Ian

Land Rover faced a bit of a problem back in ’96 when the brand launched its second generation Range Rover, P38A to the fanatics among us,  two years ahead of the first generation model’s market discontinuation. So you had two identically named vehicles, one old and one new, on sale at the same time. What did brand managers do to distinguish them? Throw a “Classic” designation onto the old one of course. We all know that classics are not formed overnight, but based on the imagery you see here, it seems the old Range Rover is finally living up to its name. The now classic luxury ute appears understated, rugged, utterly functional and downright charming alongside the more contemporary luxobarge so favored by the Hamptons crowd today.

Is it possible to think that a modern Range Rover will be this appealing 15-20 years from now? Weigh in after the jump…

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