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Porsche 928: 9th Street – West Babylon, NY

September 20th, 2010 by Dimitrus

A bit of history for you on this glorious Monday morning…

Affectionately known as the “land shark,” 928 was dramatic in its styling with a long-nose and distinctively rounded off rump sporting a pair of bad ass, side-exiting exhaust. The front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, V-8 powered 2+2 GT car was not only among the fastest production models of the day, but also the most expensive with loaded GTS models exceeding $100,000 in 1995.

Much like Cayenne and Panamera, the 928 represented a major Porsche departure when it was introduced in 1977 at the Geneva Auto Show. As if the use of a water-cooled V8 wasn’t offensive enough to Porsche purists, the new sports car also differed from the brand’s bread and butter 911 in the placement of said V8 – it was mounted up front.

Overall, the 928 aimed to be a well-rounded, well-mannered luxury sports car that allowed for maximum driver comfort while still offering the exciting levels of performance expected from a brand like Porsche. And while it never came close to 911’s high level of success, Porsche did manage to sell 61,000 of them throughout the rather long 18 year production run. Along the way, 928 was used as an incubator for many industry-first innovations like an instrument cluster that moved in tandem with the steering wheel to maximize visibility, an early all-wheel steering system called the Weissach Axle and an unsleeved, silicon alloy engine block made of aluminum, which reduced weight and provided a highly durable cylinder bore.

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