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Lambo LP550-2 Spyder Photo Shoot: Brookhaven Airport – Shirley, NY

September 7th, 2012 by Anthony

Bask in the glory of Lamborghini’s latest Gallardo, the LP550-2 Spyder and you’re immediately reminded why insurance companies exist. The topless bull, an all new model for 2012, takes a different spin [literrally] on an old theme by providing mid engine exotic shoppers with a RWD option alongside the AWD set up featured since model introduction [2003/2004]. The offering lowers the cost of entry a bit and transforms the drive character from one of 4-wheeled super sled to 2-wheeled sling shot. Check out Stu’s full review in WIRED and join us after the jump for the full crop of photos from our aeronautical-themed shoot. We figured planes and hangers were appropriate surroundings for something that flies like this Lambo does.

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Mini Cooper Coupe JCW Photo Shoot: Water Street – DUMBO, BK

July 15th, 2012 by Anthony

Pictured: Mini’s Saucy Cooper Coupe posing suggestively on Water Street in Brooklyn

If I were an advertising copywriter tasked with developing pithy headlines for Mini’s Cooper Coupe, they might look something like this…

Maximum Mini, Mini to the Max, Cute No More, The anti-adorable…well, you get the picture. The iconic British brand wants to level the gender playing field when it comes to who’s buying their nimble little cars. Sure, the S variety of Cooper, with its twin-charged engine and racy add-ons, appeals to a devoted army of male driving enthusiasts. But apparently not at the scale Mini deems acceptable. As far as I’m concerned, the Cooper Coupe is the equalizer.

Mini was good enough to let us form our own opinions with a loaded, Pepper White John Cooper Works edition (pictured above) that was loaned to us one recent weekend. Say what you will about the design, but it turned a ton of heads during my time behind the wheel. One dude even asked me if I chopped the roof myself. I dig it…like Mini’s cheeky british homage to the hot rod class.

The driving experience is virtually identical to that of the already capable Cooper S John Cooper Works, perhaps slightly sportier thanks to the righteously tuned exhaust that spits and snorts like an angry hog when you get up on the accelerator. Probably the biggest departure from Mini’s typical formula is the 2-seat layout and lack of hatchback utility.

The Verdict: A unique alternative to premium sports coupe mainstays.

PROS – Additive proportions, impressive acceleration, grabby brakes, righteous exhaust

CONS – Poor rearward visibility, jarring ride quality, $40K price tag

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