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Fisker Farewell Spotting – Poperinge, Belgium

April 11th, 2013 by Andre

Fisker Farewell Spotting - Poperinge, Belgium

It’s a damn shame what’s happening to Fisker. The environmentally conscious luxury auto upstart had nothing but the best intentions and a damn fine looking product if I do say so myself. Well, aside from that whole catching on fire thing. The Karma pictured here, a plug in hybrid sport sedan, is utterly easy on the eyes thanks to the design talents of one Henrik Fisker. But now he is out and so is the federal funding, two extremely daunting challenges to overcome alongside investor cashflow issues, vehicle quality problems and Hurricane Sandy destroying a crop of 300 vehicles.

We wish them the best of luck in recovering but it might not be in the cards.

Fisker Farewell Spotting - Poperinge, Belgium

Fisker Farewell Spotting - Poperinge, Belgium

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BMW Z8 – Ghent, Belgium

October 5th, 2011 by Andre

I was driving through a labor area of Ghent, the Lentestraat (translated, spring street) and was surprised to see this exotic Z8 sitting in between all the plebeian diesels. So, I stopped my steed and started shooting.  It’s amazing how relevant this design still appears all these years later. Like the car hasn’t aged.

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Sights & Sounds – A Traffic Sampling in Sacramento

August 31st, 2011 by Andre

The everyday stream of traffic in Sacramento is pretty exciting. Sure, New York has its share of neck snapping rides. But it’s just another situation entirely on the left coast. Cool rides are f#cking everywhere. Rides with character. Hot rods, supercars, choppers, vintage treasures…the list goes on. Sacramento, versus LA or Vegas for instance, is more down to earth. Less flash. More old stuff. Like the Ford Model A rod [above] spotted on Front street, just next to the Sacramento River and close to the historic Tower Bridge and Old Sacramento. Or the cherry red GT350 pictured after the jump. Even the city firetrucks are photogenic.

Classic cool.

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Ford Focus RS vs Renault Clio – Saint Etienne, France

July 15th, 2011 by Andre

While driving in the French Vosges, more specifically in Saint Etienne at the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, I spotted this rally-inspired, hot hatch duo just waiting to square off against one another on a dusty mountain pass somewhere. In one corner, the Lime Green Focus RS…so bold, flamboyant and boy racer in appearance. Don’t be fooled by the economy car underpinnings though. This muscle has got plenty of hustle behind it…300 ponies worth. Thats good enough to move the little rocket from a standing start to 60 MPH in less than 6 seconds. Sitting alongside it, the more understated Clio RS, all business-like and functional in white. The black wheels, dual exhaist and tints add a menacing touch. The verdict…Europeans love them some hot hatchbacks.

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Alpine Renault A110 – Sint Amandsplein, Belgium

May 19th, 2011 by Andre

I spotted this super rare rally racer after work today and couldn’t grab my camera fast enough. THE French sports and rallying car of the 60’s, it was one you could pilot to work everyday and successfully campaign on snow, ice and gravel on weekends. A lot of manufacturers throw out such claims about the best of both worlds for street and track, but the A110 Group Four Rally cars actually won three world championships in the late 60s so you know they ain’t making this shit up.

The tightly wrapped A110 was based on Renault mechanicals, but designed and built by the independent French company Alpine. A bit like the modern day Brabus for MB sans the luxury, Alpine [not to be confused with Alpina] was subsequently purchased by Renault. Only 7,812 examples of the A110 were built throughout the car’s 15 year production run [’61-’73], making them pretty rare these days.

I would have taken more pictures but the owner came out and was not very cooperative.  He hardly spoke and sped away, making me think he wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. Sorry pal, better take a car that blends into the scenery a bit more next time. Man on the Move puts the lens cap on for no one.