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The Story: Man on the Move is the product of a life-long friendship between co-founders Ian Velardi and Stuart Schwartzapfel. The pair developed a funny habit of calling one another every time a cool car or motorcycle drove by to discuss, in intricate detail, how utterly awesome it was. They started Man on the Move in February 2009.

Co-founder: Stuart Schwartzapfel – New York, New York


Man on the Move co-founder/editor Stuart Schwartzapfel flirts with the line between obsessed and clinical when it comes to automotive appreciation. The 30-year-old car freak has served as a marketing strategist for several major automotive brands and cuts his teeth by night as a freelance transportation journalist for the likes of The New York TimesAutoWeek, WIRED, BusinessWeek, Nylon Guys, Intersection and Men’s Fitness. Stuart has driven, drooled over and reviewed everything from 1,000+ HP super cars to 90 HP Smart cars and everything in between. He currently lives and works in NYC and has an overweight tabby cat named Shadow.

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Co-founder: Ian Velardi – New York, New York


Man on the Move co-founder/creative director Ian Velardi’s intense passion for style and design have lead him to a career in the apparel industry. After spending many years working for the classic American clothier Hickey Freeman, Ian started his own line of men’s apparel, Hattan New York. Ian is inspired by the streets of New York City and all the different people and cars that traverse them. His three pillars to men’s style and design …cars, watches, and shoes – “Each defining a man on the move”, he says. Ian lives and works in Manhattan and continues to walk the streets in search of something new.

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West Coast Editor: Nick Maggio – Los Angeles, California


Like most kids raised in Southern California, car culture pumps through Nick Maggio’s veins as thick as the traffic clogging the 101. Staying up late writing and sleeping in even later, dreaming of schemes for endless summers and effortless happiness doesn’t leave time for much else, but Nick always makes time to look for good things to take pictures of. Running the lifestyle blog, A Time To Get, offers up opportunities to meet new friends, write about people making the world that much brighter, and explore the depths of internet in search of cool. He is driven by the idealism reflected in the hope that things could and should be better, and the knowledge that nobody is more responsible than us to make it so. He also thinks that writing this bio in the third person is awkward.

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Contributor: Mike Ardelean – Los Angeles, California


Michael Ardelean grew up in the Midwest wearing a mullet and aspiring to own 5.0 Mustangs and GMC Typhoons. His past and current occupations include professional bike rider for Verde BMX, contributing editor for Defgrip, Taco Bell drive through operator, roofer, X Games instant replay coordinator, BMX competition judge, owner/operator of Lavar Brand apparel, Product Manager in the bicycle industry, Merchandiser for Quiksilver, and BMX team manager for IPath footwear.
Mike now loves pre-1989 BMWs, non-Targa and non-whale-tale Porsches, and many other vehicles… but most of all, he loves Mercedes Benz. He drives an unmolested black 190e that he plans on passing down to his grandchildren, but only if those little jerks deserve it. Currently he lives in Los Angeles and enjoys BMX riding, trail running, at-home amateur mixology, attempting to cook with his girlfriend, and Joe Dirting (shopping for cars and parts that he has no practical intention of buying). Organized and minimalistic to a fault, his worst fear is becoming a hoarder in his old age. He is 31 years old.

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Contributor: Austin Kent – Brooklyn , New York


Austin Kent is a Brooklyn-based photographer and film maker with a fine appreciation for cars, bikes and other go fast methods of transportation. In fact, the only thing more overpowering than his love for racing is his height – all six feet, seven inches of it. Austin’s acclaims include product and event photography for the likes of L’Oréal and The Body Shop, including the 2009 Zac Posen Fashion show.

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Contributor: Emir Ibrahimpasic – Portland, Oregon



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Contributor: Aaron Stern – New York, New York
Aaron SternAaron Stern has been a producer, front of house and music/talent booker for some of the biggest fashion events/shows, music festivals and private shows for nearly a decade. His involvement in the music and fashion industries have allowed him access to the most respected names in the business, and six years ago, he decided to document the many memorable experiences he has been privileged to have had.

He has captured incredible images through his preferred method: a medium format and 35mm film.

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