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Porsche 911T – Chelsea, Manhattan

April 3rd, 2012 · → 1 Single-Serving Friend

Our long time Man on the Move spotter Dave Pinter was moved by this ’72 911 T spotted in Chelsea. We can’t really blame him as this classic is in amazing shape considering its 40 years. What is it about orange Porsches that gets people going? The extra loud hue runs contrary to the 911’s timeless, elegant […]


Motown 2011 Edition: Lambo’s Devilish Auto Show Opener

January 11th, 2011 · 0 Comments. Wait. What is this place?

Pictured: Lamborghini R&D Chief Maurizio Reggiani and CEO Stephan Winkelmann, speaking about Murcielago’s successor during a special press conference on Sunday night in Detroit. It’s that glorious time of year again when 700,000+ shivering car fans get together under one gigantic roof in downtown Detroit to talk about, look about and think about 2011’s latest […]


Dodge Lancer – Fort Greene, Brooklyn NY

November 18th, 2010 · → 4 Just Had A Near-Life Experience

Spotted here in all it’s glory, a 1962 Dodge Lancer 770 2-door.  It’s not everyday that you come across one of these so-called “compact cars” circa 1962 (a little more exicitng than a Civic or Corolla wouldn’t you say?) Dimensions aside, this was a very unique car thanks to stand out design cues like a […]

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Fiat 500 Abarth: Rue Saint – Julien le Pauvre, Paris, France

October 6th, 2010 · → 3 Just Had A Near-Life Experience

Our pal Dave Pinter took time out of his busy Paris Auto Show schedule to chronicle some local street culture and remind us how much better Europeans have it than we do. Case in point, they have enjoyed this sweet little Fiat 500 since 2007 while we continue to wait for the retro modern hatchback […]


Fiat 500 – West 37th Street, NYC

August 19th, 2010 · → 2 Just Had A Near-Life Experience

Pictured here, a landmark in Italian engineering and distinguished member of the city car hall of fame. Measuring just under 10 feet and weighing in at a bantam 1,168 pounds, this 1970 Fiat 500 Lusso (Italian for luxury) is compact enough to slip into an elevator shaft and light enough to lift into parking spaces. […]

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New Product: 2011 Ford Explorer – Herald Square, NYC

July 26th, 2010 · → 5 Just Had A Near-Life Experience

Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Tough Jobs Host/Ford Spokesman Mike Rowe pulled the wraps off the 2011 Explorer earlier today in our very own Herald Square. The Blue Oval, which showed stronger than expected quarterly profits of $2.6 billion last week, skipped the traditional auto show reveal, instead relying on Facebook and public appearances like […]


La Belle Macchinne D’Italia: The Skytop Lodge – Skytop, PA

July 22nd, 2010 · → 6 Just Had A Near-Life Experience

Each year, hundreds of prancing horses, raging bulls and red tridents convene in the picturesque Pocono mountains to reminisce on the good old days and chat excitedly toward the future. The 24th annual car show and track days represent the largest 3 day Italian motoring event in North America and have come to be widely […]


Boss Mustangs – 11th Ave & 28th Street, NYC

January 22nd, 2010 · → 5 Just Had A Near-Life Experience

Say hello to rare and even rarer. The celebrated Boss Mustang variants, 302 (left) and 429 (right), were spotted in front of posh Manhattan Motor Cars on 11th Ave by loyal Man on the Move reader and contributing photographer Dave Pinter. Dave has stumbled onto some pretty cool stuff before but these Boss twins are […]

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Bertone X1/9 – Great Jones and Broadway, NYC

December 16th, 2009 · → 10 Just Had A Near-Life Experience

We don’t pass by too many cars with a Bertone badge on the hood. While Turin’s legendary design house has skinned its fair share of production and concept cars over the last century, it was usually because they were contracted to do so by another automaker. But Fiat relinquished control of these capable little mid […]

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Porsche 356 Speedster – 9th Avenue, NYC

November 3rd, 2009 · → 3 Just Had A Near-Life Experience

One of our loyal readers caught this beautiful bathtub posed in front of Pastis in the Meatpacking District. This Speedster is so clean, so perfect in every way, that it seems entirely plausible to think it’s a fugazi. A good looking, high quality fugazi – but a fugazi nonetheless. We could be wrong of course […]

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