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Mystery Ride & A Camaro Monster Truck – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

September 16th, 2013 by Stu


We haven’t done one of these mystery spots in a while. You know the drill…name that anonymous, bright green coupe. For good measure, and to get those brain waves going, we have thrown in the below Camaro monster truck. We can’t make this shit up folks.




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  • That first car is Trabant. It was a staple of the former East german (DDR ) car production. Two stroke engine, no gas gauge, at the time it was considered the unsafest car in the world. Average wait-time to buy one was 13 years. the body was actually made of some sort of cardboard and I’ve seen videos of pigs actualy eating body panels of this car. After the reunification of Germanies, the production of this little car stopped.

    • nice work Emir! spot on. So I am told my a friend who knows it all about obscure car trivia, over 3 million of these were sold in East Germany and the Soviet Union, most are dead now, and the body panels consumed by goats and pigs (not kidding)

      • I there are any Trabis on the roads today, those must be collector items. I grew up in Bosnia nad Herzegovina and we had a fair share of crappy East European cars from Russian Ladas, Volgas and Mosvichs, Polish Polonez, Checz Skodas and Tatras, Rumanian Dacias to Yugoslavian Zastavas (Yugo was their brand). Trabant also had a bigger brother from the DDR. It was Wartburg. Another relic of the cold war era. Two stroke engine but it had an actual metal body. Later during my studies in Germany in the late 90s, Wartburgs (now equipped with VW Golf 4 stroke engines) were popular among students. They were cheap and easy to maintain. Trabi on the other hand was reduced to a museum or a collector item. It’s an example of how things should not be done. I just wonder how did this one resurface in New York state?

  • thats a trabant eastern europe