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Opel Ascona/1900: E42nd & Hiawatha Ave, Minneapolis [MN]

May 3rd, 2013 by Stu

Opel Ascona/1900: E42nd & Hiawatha Ave, MInneapolis [MN]

Now, this is a rare find. It’s nothing like that Lancia Delta S4 that I came across a couple of summers ago but one doesn’t really see Opel Asconas in the US very often. If I came across this charming euro wagon in Portland I wouldn’t be too surprised. After all, Portland is a place where vintage cars retire and continue living quietly. Seeing one in Minnesota…well that was a rare find indeed.¬†Growing up in Europe, one gets used to Opels. They were always very good cars. Very reliable and an excellent value. Sporty enough and with good enough handling. This one is in awesome shape…very clean.

Opel Ascona/1900: E42nd & Hiawatha Ave, MInneapolis [MN]

Opel Ascona/1900: E42nd & Hiawatha Ave, MInneapolis [MN]

Opel Ascona/1900: E42nd & Hiawatha Ave, MInneapolis [MN]



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  • I bought this car from the Minnesota owner who bought the car from someone in Oregon. Maybe it is from Portland, I didn’t do any searching yet. I’m taking it apart for restoration. It is virtually rust free except for the requisite battery tray rot out. The floor didn’t suffer much rust damage at all, just some minor pitting. Should make a cool ride with a 5 speed upgrade and some Retro 200S wheels on 195/60-15 tires.

    • thats awesome Dave! so glad we could feature your ride on Man on the Move.

    • Dave, that’s so cool that we’ve come across your car. when I took the photos of the car I remember seeing Oregon license plates on the back seat. So, the mystery solved:)

  • This car is now in Milwaukee, WI. None of my friends here can remember when they last saw one of these cars. Restoration is underway and parts are coming thanks to USAOpel.

    • Progress is slow, but 1.9L is being upped to 2.0L specs. The engine was a Frankenstein mess of parts, but a bore job, good used crank and bigger valves will repair the damage. The block, head and crank have been dipped to remove corrosion. A Getrag 240 5 speed trans from Poland will make this a fun summer ride. All I have to do to the suspension is replace the wear parts, scuff and paint the original e-coated parts, No rust! Still looking for rubber seals and weatherstrips.

      • Project update!
        Not much has been done, 4 other projects have taken more time than available.
        Engine should be done by end of ’17 Spring. Can’t believe it’s over 2 years since last update.
        Hopefully some work on firewall & A/C install will get done towards end of the year so bodywork
        can start in ’18. Glad I found this one when I did, rust free ones are getting scarce.
        2 years until retirement so I have to get to it. LOL
        Have it in indoor storage so it’s safe from elements.