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Ferrari Enzo – Scottsdale Road & 101 Loop: Scottsdale, Arizona

April 5th, 2013 by Matthew


Mike Myers used to do a skit on SNL called Coffee Talk where he played a middle-aged yenta talk show host named Linda Richman who’s shtick was to schmooze with guests over a cup of Joe. It’s one of the funniest skits the show has ever produced. Car guys like coffee too. What can be better than a piping hot cup of delicious java in your hand, a gaggle of beautiful rides in your purview and like-minded cars guys all around you just itching to talk shop. Of course I’m talking about Cars & Coffee, the national enthusiast organization  dedicated to, well, cars and coffee.

Ferrari Enzo - Scottsdale Road: Scottsdale, Arizona



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  • I guess it looks good in black, but a proper Ferrari
    really needs to be red, me thinks…..
    Is there a Cars & Coffee website
    showing all the places in the country
    Where there are coffee klotches??