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Will.I.Am’s Pimped Ride – Hollywood, California

March 8th, 2013 by Stu

Will.I.Am's Pimped Ride - Hollywood, California

One of our loyal left coast spotters caught this celebrity custom [from West Coast Customs] parked outside of a music studio on the streets of Hollywood. It’s quite a sight to say the least. Details are lacking about what exactly lurks beneath the swoopy matte skin but rumor has it this retro coupe was built for none other than the car-loving Black Eyed Pea himself Will.I.Am. This isn’t Will’s first automotive monstrosity and it won’t likely be the last based on his recent IAMAUTO announcement.

The car is least horrible looking from a rear 3/4 angle [see image above], but design quickly goes south from the side view and, most notably, from the front. Amazingly, this Morgan-gone-horribly-wrong is based atop a vintage VW Bug. Yes, a bug. Obviously the body and just about everything else is purpose-built but the chassis is all Beetle. Perhaps the best part of the story is the stratospheric price tag, said to be just shy of a million. You can read all the sorted details about the car here. Long story short, and to put it nicely, celebrities don’t always have the firmest grip on reality. Their taste in cars is no exception.


Thanks for the spot Matt!

Will.I.Am's Pimped Ride - Hollywood, California

Will.I.Am's Pimped Ride - Hollywood, California

Will.I.Am's Pimped Ride - Hollywood, California




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