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The Safari Vehicle Deconstructed – Kruger National Park, South Africa

January 10th, 2013 by Stu

Fosters, the European-owned Australian beer brand that no respectable Australian would actually be caught dead drinking, used to run a charming “How to Speak Australian” marketing campaign that used witty Aussie puns in an effort to shine the spot light on the brand’s unique DNA. You know how they go…”Aussie for [enter funny pun here]. Fosters…Australian for beer” The beer commercials rushed to the top of my mind over and over again as I observed South Africa’s witty pun equivalent while on Safari in Kruger National Park this past November.

South African for GPS – The tracker sitting on a chair mounted to the front frender

South African for trafic jam – The pack of Impalas blocking the road

South African for massage – The effect the suspension has on your back on most jarring dirt roads

On a more serious note, Land Rover holds more claim to rugged terrain than just about any brand out there. They also kind of run shit when it comes to safari experience. Barker Performance, the company who converts stock Land Rovers into the 9-passenger rigs [including the spotter] you see here, was started in 1997 by son Sean and father Cliff Barker. The company  initially started out buying and selling Land Rover parts and worked their way into fleet vehicles for private game reserves. They build approximately 80-100 vehicles per year these days.

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