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Aston Martin Cygnet – Piccadilly Street, London

December 12th, 2012 by Stu

In the market for a $50K compact car? It’s not a trick question. What if I told you it had an Aston Martin badge and trademark grille to match. Doing anything for you yet? I thought not. Much was the collective head scratch from auto enthusiasts and industry insiders alike when Aston Martin announced their shocking product botch up link up with Toyota’s no frills microcar back in 2011. To be clear, the limited-production [about 4k units annually] Cygnet begins life as a Toyota IQ [branded as a Scion here in the states]. Modifications are entirely cosmetic and have been grafted onto the vehicle in a way that screams of afterthought. My favorite touch is the vented hood louvers, a crucial cooling element for Cygnet’s “massive” 1.3L 4-cylinder engine. Truth be told, the vehicle was introduced so Aston Martin could comply with the EU–imposed fleet average emissions regulations that took effect this year. Funny how a gaggle of Aston-branded Toyotas can offset all the horsepower the marque is know for putting out into the world each year. Consider it a testament to Toyota’s fuel economy prowess I guess.

Hitting every jackpot in the world would not result in a reasonable rationale for buying one of these monstrosities. Apparently the owner of this white on red example spotted on Piccadilly begs to differ. Go figure.

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