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Jaguar F-Type: Prestige Jaguar – Paramus, NJ

October 12th, 2012 by Stu

Say hello to Jaguar’s latest kitten, the F-Type. Based on a shortened version of the XK Convertible’s wheelbase, the sultry drop top [Coupe in ’14] sports a supercharged V6 [V8 optional], all-aluminium chassis, eight-speed automatic and embodies Jaguar’s late-to-the-party prizefighter against the likes of Boxster, Z4, SLK and TT. Blood lines to big brother XK certainly come through, but more interesting is the apparent influence from sister brand Land Rover’s new Evoque in some of the finer touches like light cluster design and ornamentation. Perhaps most unflattering is the  gaudy LEDs that are thick to the point of resembling neon bulbs. The deck lid and righteous tail pipe layouts [double barrel centered and double dual pipes] are perhaps the most pleasing design elements.

Our Man on the Street Jersey Jay caught this pre-production model on display at a local NJ dealer, just 1 month out from the vehicle’s global debut in Paris. Look for the F-type as 2014 model hitting dealers in 2013. It starts at $69k which seems like a lot until you hear that the XK Convertible starts at more than $90k.

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