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Chevy Impala Monster Truck – 14th Street@ Union Square

October 1st, 2012 by Stu

There’s not a line of pithy prose I can muster that would even come close to partially capturing the sheer ridiculousness pictured here. Heading home from Union Square the other night, I ran into this enigma of an automobile. Like a messed up minotaur, this baby is all Impala on top, jacked-up 4×4 on bottom. It’s so interesting to think about what was going through the owner’s head when he conjured this thing up. The best part…it’s a company car for what appears to be an accounting service. I simply cannot make this shit up.


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  • I saw (or rather heard) this car roaring down Bowery just the other day – glad somebody got pics of it. This thing is LOUD.

  • Wow this is ridiculous, this looks like a small toy car being modified to rival its heavy equipment monster truck big brother. I am all for modifying your car to suit your personality and your needs, but this is bordering on insanity. And the irony that it is a company car for accounting services is an added killer. Perhaps with an extremely different body, this so-called Monster Truck will reflect its name more suitably. I assume that it is extremely noisy as well, perhaps the point is to attract attention from passers-by to the accounting services the company offers? It’s one thing to advertise creatively, but a totally different kettle of fish to annoy others or be ridiculed at.