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Car Spotting in The South of France

August 16th, 2012 by Stu

Editor’s Note [8/19/12]: We mis-ID’s this luscious prancing horse (above). Our friend Jake set us straight… it’s actually a Gemballa-tuned Enzo, not an FXX. I guess this owner will have to make due with his slightly less advanced million dollar race car. Hey, somebody’s got to do it. 


Car spotting at its finest…in the South of France and Monaco. These tasty shots are from the garage of the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat and the equally choice Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo

Above, Ferrari’s absurdly exclusive FXX. An Enzo on Steroids, the FXX was engineered exclusively for the purpose of garnering enthusiast feedback and providing VIPs with access to the brand’s latest racing tech.  Kind of like an R&D think tank for Ferrari’s best customers. If you can believe it, buyers (all 29 of them) fork over $1.8 million to track the car on select days set forth by Ferrari. Data-monitoring and telemetry technology not only allow the driver to improve performance, but also provide Ferrari with actionable data to improve the FXX and future road-going Ferraris. Oh yeah, and it only takes 100 milliseconds to shift

More shockingly exotic vehicles below…Aston Martin One-77, Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster, Mercedes SLS AMG, and a charming Morgan 4/4

Thanks for the awesome spots Danny!





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