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VW Micro Micro Bus – Jericho, NY

July 30th, 2012 by Stu

I don’t think this is what VW had in mind when they coined the term Microbus for their venerable camper van. A small but very real trend among some of the more eccentric VW¬†enthusiasts, these “shorty buses” have had their wheelbases sliced and diced by about 2 feet, making for an almost cartoon like result.¬†If Scooby Doo and the gang went to the circus, this might be the vehicle that would take them there.

The shorty trend extends to Beetles too…gotta love it!




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  • These little rascals are known to be a bit unstable in a funny way. My former VW mechanic had one and he used to pop wheelies with his :)

  • Thats my bus! I had it for 2 years but I sold it to my brother in law. I loved the hell out of her but she was my daily driver and it was a bit rough on snowy days or super hot days so I had to give her up since i live in NYC and don’t have the room for two cars. If you want to see her popping a damn find wheelie stand just google Dr.Mattastic. That’s my name and that WAS my girl. Good luck with her. She’s a real peach.