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Ferrari FF – Madison Avenue, NYC

April 4th, 2012 by Stu

The life of a traffic cop isn’t glamorous. In fact, these civil servants must endure aggression and generally hostile behavior from irritated motorists all day long. There’s even a reality show about it. That’s precisely why this colorfully garbed gentleman didn’t skip a beat when it came to write up the owner of this new Ferrari FF parked on Madison. Hell, it’s  probably the most fun he’s had in weeks.

Maybe this well-to-do owner will wise up and feed the meter next time.


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  • Funny but a couple of months ago one of these, passed me on an exit ramp on I-405 here in Portland. I tried to keep up with it in my old Honda, in rain and everything but c’mon… it’s a Ferrari. The car that passed me looked exactly the same except i had dealer lic. plates.

  • I’m surprise that one of New York’s finest was so amenable to having his photo taken. Shots five and seven actually do the so-so looking FF real justice.

  • […] is our third FF spotting to date and boy does the design grow on you over time. It’s everything the Panamera tried for […]