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Porsche 993 RSR – 26th Street & 3rd Ave, NYC

October 11th, 2011 by Stu

Not sure if this baby is real or not, but she sure is pretty. The RS, a rare, lightweight version of the Carrera, upped the ante on performance by going on a serious diet. That means pound-packing¬†amenities¬†like headlight washers and sound deadening material were removed from the list of vehicle options. A slightly more intense, track-car variant of the RS, known as the RSR, added a welded roll cage to the equation. Technically, this car was never approved for sale in the U.S. So, unless this is a true grey market vehicle, you’re probably looking at a Carrera that has been modified to look like an RSR. Either way, it looks dope.

Thanks Justin!


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