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Mystery Car: Beat Up Classic MB 4×4 – Naxos, Greece

September 12th, 2011 by Stu

A member of the Man on the Move tribe spotted this interesting old mystery Benz while honeymooning in Naxos, Greece. A far cry from the plush luxury sleds coming out of Stuttgart today, the deteriorated little ute has certainly seen better days. Still, the rust and faded paint only add to the old world charm. It kinda looks like a vintage mail truck. Love the exposed horn, side exiting exhaust and what appears to be an early rendition of a clamp on hard top.

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  • Hello:
    This is a Russian Jeep, a ZIL or ZIS as to the year, anything between nos and about thirty years sgo is fair game.

  • Hello: CORRECTION !!
    This is a Russian Jeep, a GAZ 69 to be precise as to the year, anything between now and about thirty years ago is fair game. Maybe they replaced the engine with a Mercedes one and thus placed the star on the hood. But the rest, with the exception of the wheels is the mainstay of typical Russian Jeep, no doubt abou it.
    Looked up the specs:
    Gaz 69 Russian Jeep 4×4
    Weight 1525 kg, Load capacity 500 kg, Seating 8 troops, Length 3.850 mtr, Width 1.850 mtr
    Height 2.030
    Engine 2.12 lt side valve

    Power output 55 hp Gears 3 forward 1 reverse.
    This is for the softtop version



  • There is a certain charm to having such a beaten old Mercedes car. We do not really see that often around our parts. I think it must have been in the rain and sunshine for some good decades. I doubt it will ever start again.

  • This russian jeep is really an old classic jeep it gives me chills in my spine, I rarely see a russian jeep and im impressed with this one. It’ll be really nice if the owner of that russian jeep will revive it.