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Jeep Wrangler – Canaan, Massachusetts

September 6th, 2011 by Stu

It was a gloomy morning in Massachusetts. The ground was wet, the rain was intermittent, and it was uncomfortably humid outside. I was heading back to New York after a fun filled Labor Day weekend in the Berkshires. Despite the weather, I opted for the the backroad way home. You know, the route jam packed with those great winding country roads. While passing through the town of Canaan, this fluorescent orange four wheeler stood out amongst its moody backdrop. The color was certainly distinctive enough. So were the massive off road rubber, custom suspension and absurdly elevated ground clearance.


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  • What a nice jeep wrangler you have there pal i wish i also have this kind of jeep, I envy you :). It would be great if you customize it more or have some good accessories in your jeep in order to have a more great looks. Im planning on buying a jeep wrangler to i wish it’s the same as yours. By the way nice leveling of suspension there, thumbs up in your jeep! Hope to have a nice conversation with you 🙂