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Ornamentations: Vol. 2 – The Greyhound

September 1st, 2011 by Stu

Acrylic on canvas – 20”X 16”

Jaguar has their leaping cat, Rolls Royce their Spirit of Ecstasy and BMW their iconic blue and white roundel. In the mid 30”s, Ford favored the use of a chrome Greyhound bursting into action on their V8 Deluxe sedan and roadster. An upscale option on the car, the chrome clad doggy added new dimensions to the word style. Backing it up was a massive hunk of Detroit iron putting out 85HP (respectable for the day) and an imposing silhouette that was all business. Bank robber Clyde Barrow actually drove one of these ’34 Fords, and died in one in one too, so you know it was at least partially successful in eluding authorities via speedy getaways. Photorealist Bob Petillo says, “I was at the Lead East 50’s extravaganza last year in Parsippany, NJ last year when the chrome on the front grill and everywhere else caught my eye”

As always, amazing work Bob.

Reproductions of these and the “Ornamentations” series are also available on


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