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Armored & Absurd Ford Excursion – Hollywood, Florida

August 29th, 2011 by Stu

These armored vehicle sightings are too much fun. And not just because of how unbelievably ridiculous they look parked among Toyota Corollas and other plebeian methods of civilian transport. This particular rig, which appears to be right off the set of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, seems to be loosely based off of a late model Ford Excursion or heavy duty Ford pickup. As if the Excursion didn’t already carry a large footprint at ~ 19 feet, the owner made sure there was plenty of extra room for his entourage of bodyguards by adding an additional set of doors. I have no idea what the well-to-do owner does for a living to warrant such extreme protection measures, but apparently threat levels were low enough for a quick stop at the strip mall in Hollywood. I guess Target and WalMart are neutral ground for people with dubious intentions.

Thanks for the snaps Steve!



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  • I have armored these vehicles for defense contractors in the Middle East for some years.
    I am dumfounded that someone would want to drive around in a vehicle that screams,
    ” I am wealthy and important,shoot at me”!
    Rule no.1 in armored vehlcles…don`t attract attention!
    The Brits used to armor old beat up taxis,delivery trucks and Toyota pickups and Land Crusiers.
    The Yanks armored up white Ford Excursions,and Chevy Suburbans.

    Guess who got shot at and blown up with the greatest frequency?????.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more there, James. I was in the middle east during the past decade and WATCHED it happen over and over! Nothing stood out more than a huge caravan of 10 black suburbans bristling with antennas and machine guns. And if that wasn’t enough to draw every bit of unwanted attention possible, they used flashing strobe lights and SIRENS!!! All this was accompanied by signs saying “Keep Back 200 Meters” in Arabic.

      I don’t know what the percentages were, as far as attacks go, but if I had to travel in that region, I’d trust a couple of nondescript Land Cruisers driven by Kiwis or Brits any day of the week over a huge, loud American convoy that was doing its best to imitate a military armored division of tanks rumbling down the road screaming for attention.

  • That’s a ford F-650

  • U guys need to stop.. That is too funny!!lol.. & I’m going to purchase one!!