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Glass Truck – Chiang Mai, Thailand

August 24th, 2011 by Aaron

Utility, the common known descriptor used to quantify the relative satisfaction received from consuming a particular good or service. When it comes to things on wheels, the term applies directly to clever use of space. Another way of putting it…how can I extract the maximum amount usefulness from the vehicle’s interior. People usually go right to SUVs, Trucks, Station Wagons, and Minivans, but that’s not to say clever use of space is not important for sedans or other body configurations. This interesting little hauler, spotted in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is glass heavy with minimal sheet metal. Vehicle height supersedes the small footprint in achieving a spacious cabin. With the rear bench folded down, one could seemingly move out of a small apartment with all the cubic feet of storage space on reserve. Check out the zig zag step ladder and massive greenhouse in the rear. It’s far out in a far east sort of way. All I can think about is the crazy amount of broken glass splashing rear occupants in the event of a side impact. Let’s hope it’s plexiglass for their sake.


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