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Bloomington Gold Corvette Show – St. Charles, IL

June 27th, 2011 by Stu

Don’t let the pretty pictures fool you. This ain’t one of those ordinary shows with classic cars frolicking around the fair grounds. Bloomington Gold judges will inspect your 20+ year old Corvette like an overzealous TSA agent trying to make quota at the end of the month. A team of disgustingly knowledgeable judges, each dedicated to a different aspect of the car (interior, engine bay, exterior finish, etc), painstakingly explore vehicle originality through details as specific as engine hose markings and the correct amount of glue overflow that’s supposed to appear inside of a door jab. Seriously, the check list of inspection points took the team a good 35-40 minutes to run through. The goal is to have the least number of points deducted from your overall score as to merit you a Certified Gold rating (within 95-100% of typical factory originality), Silver (between 90-94% are Silver Certified) and Bronze Certified (between 85-89%).  And that was only day 1. Day 2 focused on establishing what Bloomington calls Survivor status. Survivors are unrestored, 20+ years old, can pass a road test of over 20 miles, and remain over 50% un restored, un-finished, or unaltered. Our ’65 Fuel Injected C2 [roadster pictured below] took honors in both categories. A proud day to be certain.


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