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1954 Corvette Corvair: St. Charles, IL

June 27th, 2011 by Stu

Ever seen a Corvette fastback before? Well, you have now. Spotted in the staging area at this year’s Bloomington Gold Corvette show, the 1954 sea foam green concept car’s slick roofline stands out among regular-bodied Corvettes like Heidi Klum at a weight watchers meeting.  The tired owner, who had just arrived after trailering this baby in from Indiana, tells us it’s one of three known to exist on the planet. Pretty cool. Even cooler, GM used this actual car in their traveling Motorama auto show that ran from ’49-’61.

If Mustang can do it, why not Corvette?



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  • This stunning machine looked like more like a concept car than a production car. This is an open-top version of the R8 V10 coupe no V8 on offer with this version yet and by doing so they managed to do something that was impossible to fathom they made the R8 look even better..

  • The Museum is adjacent to the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green Kentucky the literal birthplace of every Corvette produced since mid-1982 and for all intents and purposes the spiritual home for all Corvettes regardless of vintage.The action at this years event dubbed the Millennium Celebration began Friday morning with the arrival of several Corvette caravans. In keeping with the theme of this years show which was Corvette racing heritage the most interesting was a presentation and question-and-answer session with some legendary names from Corvettes glorious racing past. ………Check out this 1966 Chevrolet corvette convertible from Vette Magazine………….

  • I can tell you that he tries to tell people that this actually one of the thought Three produced. He keeps telling people this lie until cornered and then says that he NEVER said it. He told me and others at Bloomington Gold that it was one of the three also. He’s claiming that it actually has real parts from the third car on it also. Geez!!!!!

    He’s the same guy who claimed to own 1953 029 until the original 029 surfaced in FL with a 40 yr ownership. His title in Indiana was revoked and he retreated.

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    • Wow. You’re Roger Roberts, who we caught trying to stael the identity of 1953 029. You had made your own vin tag and tried to steal the identity of Susan Rupe’s real 1953 029. She is the widow who tried to title her husbands car in her name and found out that YOU stole her cars identity. BUSTED.

      As for —- ———. He has been an NCRS member for years and has a great reputation. He has not faked ANY 53’s. His restorations have been recognized for years.

      You tell lies upo lies, Mr Roberts.

  • Fellas, this website is not a forum for you to bash one another. take your personal attacks elsewhere and keep it classy.


  • Stu, you are correct, but unfortunately you elimated some posts and not others who should be. Good luck in your endeavors.

  • This is beautiful! Can you please give me some sort of contact info for the owner? I am an avid modeler and lifelong Corvette lover. I would like to get measurements to go with these photos and see if I can get a company to produce this as a model kit.