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Reflections of America: Vol. 15 – The Redwoods of Lake Tahoe

June 23rd, 2011 by Stu

It was spring. The receding mounds of snow were part of the seasonal melt. This ʻ36 Plymouth, amazingly the only car in the parking lot, looked especially gorgeous basking in the majestic red woods of Lake Tahoe. The whole scene looking exactly like it could have back in 1936. “The setting really had not changed much in 74 years”, says our resident photorealist Bob Petillo. “A few photos, cropped and combined, made it possible to create this challenging painting. I exaggerated the lights and darks, bringing out the contrast in the reflections and amplifying the sunlight. Overall, I was pretty pleased with the results.” So were we Bob…so were we.

Bob has dropped many a jaw over the last few months with his Reflections of America photorealism series. His painstaking attention to detail and utterly realistic brush strokes defy belief every single time. Next up on the docket, a new series that pays tribute to hood ornaments.

Stay tuned.

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