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Mercedes 600 SWB Limousine – East 63rd Street, NYC

May 27th, 2011 by John

Somewhere in Stuttgart, near the Black Forrest, there are a bunch of trees missing. Where did they all go? Into the lavishly appointed interior of this Mercedes 600, that’s where. The stately German luxury saloon is dripping with beautifully crafted interior finishes and has been chauffeuring around well-to-do individuals for the better part of 50 years (produced from ’63 -’81). Everyone from the Pope, Coco Chanel and Elvis to Communist leaders and African revolutionaries. As I’m sure you will agree, there is no disputing the stateliness behind one of these. This gun metal grey over blood red example was spotted on East 63rd, in front of The Lowell, an equally stately hotel with beds that start at about $600 per night.

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  • Ultra Kool Find !! What A Nice Motorcar. Thnx…….

  • Yes, that’s a very impressive car. No doubt about it. It’s also in exceptional condition!

    The M-100 Group comprises all the large sedans including the famous 300 SEL 6.3. They’re a pretty dedicated bunch who probably lean on each other a lot for do it yourself tips to help defray the costs.

    The running costs on these cars is catastrophically expensive even forgetting the fuel expense which is huge. I knew someone that had a 6.3 and got rid of it after finding out the costs to overhaul the fuel injectors. I peeked on E-Bay a few days for the same reconditioned parts out of curiosity,
    and they are there for $8,000. New window lifts according to my mechanic are also jaw droppingly expensive.

    As a classic MB owner, I have to pay homage to these images! The color combination is just awesome. Thanks for the pictures.

    What a fantastic car………

  • My wife has fond memories from her childhood of being picked up in one of these – her grandfather’s – at the airport and chauffeured to his Centre Island beachside estate. Needless to say her family led a very different life than mine. I’m sorry to hear – but not surprised – that they are so expensive to upkeep. I’ve always fancied one.