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Bentley Mulsanne – West 55th Street, NYC

May 25th, 2011 by Stu



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  • Most young boys like speed and flashy looks. I however had picture of Bentley’s and Rolls Royce’s. This car is amazing in every aspect. This car is what takes over my dreams at night.

    What a work of art.

  • It’s still just an luxurious VW… just like the BMW owned RR is pathetic so is Bently these days. Reputation is something that has to earned over time, not bought. The whole buying craze of the famous brands in the 90s may have resurrected some of the famous marques but in the end I cannot escape the feeling of being cheated. Granted, many of these new Maybachs, RRs, Bentlys, Lambos, Astons etc. are stunning cars in many ways. Yet to me they just don’t feel right.

  • Few companies make luxury sedans like Bentley. You know you are in a ride of comfort and extravagance when you get into a Bentley. Any cheap alternatives do not hold a candle to one of these. Even the insurance would cost a bomb.