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Alpine Renault A110 – Sint Amandsplein, Belgium

May 19th, 2011 by Andre

I spotted this super rare rally racer after work today and couldn’t grab my camera fast enough. THE French sports and rallying car of the 60’s, it was one you could pilot to work everyday and successfully campaign on snow, ice and gravel on weekends. A lot of manufacturers throw out such claims about the best of both worlds for street and track, but the A110 Group Four Rally cars actually won three world championships in the late 60s so you know they ain’t making this shit up.

The tightly wrapped A110 was based on Renault mechanicals, but designed and built by the independent French company Alpine. A bit like the modern day Brabus for MB sans the luxury, Alpine [not to be confused with Alpina] was subsequently purchased by Renault. Only 7,812 examples of the A110 were built throughout the car’s 15 year production run [’61-’73], making them pretty rare these days.

I would have taken more pictures but the owner came out and was not very cooperative.  He hardly spoke and sped away, making me think he wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. Sorry pal, better take a car that blends into the scenery a bit more next time. Man on the Move puts the lens cap on for no one.


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