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Special Delivery – Porsche Carrera GT En Route To Owner

May 5th, 2011 by Ian

If feels good to find things you’ve been looking for. Like a cool pair of limited production sneakers or one of the last remaining tickets to that concert you’re dying to go to. You immediately email a friend, just oozing with excitement about the purchase. Well, that just happened and I was on the receiving end of the email. My buddy, let’s call him Mr. Brown (MOTM respects anonymity), is not dealing in sneakers, but rather a Porsche Carrera GT. And the subject line read, “The last of the pure driver’s here in a week.”  Thank you Mr. Brown, now I’m really psyched about those sneakers I just ordered.

Check out the real talk with Mr. Brown after the jump..

Of course, this is not the first sports car to grace Mr. Brown’s stable. His daily driver for over 3 years was a 996 GT3, followed by a 997 GT3 RS that sat next to his 458 Italia. Yea, we don’t feel so bad for Mr. Brown.

“I started realizing that there is something missing in these new cars that the RS had: simplicity and purity between the driver and the car. Newer sports cars are providing more and more driver aids, electronic nannies, paddle gearboxes, etc. All of which make the cars easier to drive on a daily basis. This is good for someone who wants to use their sports car to go to work everyday, but that is not my situation. I started to think that the “essence” of the supercar had gone away and that saddened me. The real supercar is the one that will make your hair stand on end and cause you to have to change your diaper after an epic run. And above all, it must be timeless, so that it avoids that nagging feeling that you must always upgrade to the latest version. So I started looking for “The Definitive Machine”, the Endgame, and it was not that hard to zero in on the target because I had always thought the Carrera GT was the last of its kind.”

1) Build quality – From the moment you lay eyes on one of these cars in real life it is apparent that it is constructed with absolutely no expense spared and with a kind of craftsmanship that you never see in current production cars, and probably will never see again in the future. Its like a very high end watch scaled up to car size.

2) Purity – There are no driver aids at all (it does have a rudimentary traction control but it hardly works and won’t save you from disaster, as demonstrated by the dozens of wrecked CGT that you see online), there is a manual gearbox and essentially nothing else other than an engine, two seats, and a chassis. So it truly embodies the PURE supercar experience.

3) Origins – The car was supposed to compete at Le Mans but the racing program was scrapped by Porsche to focus on their other cars, but they decided to take the racing engine and make a street car out of it. In this case “racing car for the street” really is accurate.

4) Challenge – many owners have told me that this car will provide a lifetime of learning experience and challenge as you learn to master it, which is in stark contrast to the current trend of allowing people to jump into a new 600hp sports car and just mash the throttle.

5) Timelessness – the CGT is gorgeous and it will remain gorgeous forever in my opinion. Even though it is now 7 years old, it still looks fresh and I don’t think the looks will ever get old. The same is true with the rest of the car, the engine has more power than you will ever need and the overall performance is silly. Again, Porsche will never make another car like this and by all indications no one else will either.

6) Value – For many reasons, the CGT has taken a hard hit on initial resale. They probably made too many (1270) but the fact is that they are a veritable bargain compared to what else is available in this price range (and certainly compared to its contemporary competitor the Ferrari Enzo that now trades regularly for over $1M). For a little more money than a 458 (or even a Porsche GT2RS) you get a full blown supercar made entirely of carbon fiber and with all the benefits I described above. Unlike most cars at these prices, you can immediately feel like you are getting what you pay for here, which is important. Also, it is unlikely that much money will be lost for current buyers of good examples of Carrera GT, and in fact dealer sources tell me there has been an uptick in the resale market over the past 6 months. So its a pretty safe play compared to the other options.

7) Sound – this can only be appreciated by hearing it in person, so I will just leave it at that.

Like any car guy, Mr Brown has no shortage of excited commentary  about his newly acquired set of wheels. All we can say is, you better give us a ride this Summer.

Rock on Mr Brown…

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