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1973 Citroen SM – Fifth Avenue, NYC

April 15th, 2011 by Ian

You don’t see these Citroën SM‘s very often. Not ever really. Love it or hate it, the precocious French sports coupe was well ahead of its time from a style, design and technology standpoint. And while the exaggerated Art Decco influence and wheel spats might not look all that sporty, the futurisitic GT car [produced during 70 and 75] was quite the performer and, at the time, was the fastest front wheel drive vehicle you could get. Maserati even shared a few major mechanical bits, like drivetrain and tranny, on some of their models of the era when the two automakers joined forces [Citroën purchased Maserati in 1968].

Can you dig it?


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  • love me a 70’s – 80’s Citroen. Sadly, they don’t pass the Brian Miller simple test of automotive durability: do you see a lot of those classics on the road? No? Then they break. Not even in France do you see these things. Sad, because I find them so effing suave.

  • The SM has always fascinated me–would love to drive one sometime!

  • We are selling a 1973 automatic Citroen SM next week in Seattle as part of an estate liquidation.
    If anyone is interested, contact me via email. You would have to trailer it as it has been sitting in the garage since 1995. It was running fine when placed there by the elderly owner. I can send photos via email to those seriously interested! Low miles. Americanized – meaning the lights don’t swivel, but I’m sure you could change it back if you wanted to.

  • This may not be a Must Own car for everyone but is certainly a Must Drive.
    Certainly unlike anything else…