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Jaguar E-Type – East 63rd Street, NYC

April 14th, 2011 by John

There are only two Automobiles in the Museum of Modern Art‘s permanent collection, a WWII era Jeep and a Jaguar E-Type. Enzo Ferrari, the man responsible for some of the most inspired automobiles in history, called it “The most beautiful car ever made”. Its roots were based in Jaguar’s victories at LeMans in the 1950s and it has a main role in that legendary song about Mulholland Drive…”And then I saw the Jag slide into the curve I know I’ll never forget that horrible sight I guess I found out for myself that everyone was right, won’t come back from Dead Man’s Curve.” Impressive by today’s standards, it did 0-60 in seven seconds, had a top speed of 149 mph and somehow managed to eek out 21 mpg without the use of fancy shmancy direct injection systems or dual scroll turbos as has become the norm today. The bullet-shaped E-Type was also your best bet at scoring an equally attractive young woman to sit shotgun as you raged through the Hollywood Hills with the top down.

Spotted here on East 63rd street, this charcoal on blood red beauty is nothing short of breathtaking. Think of it as one more reason to work hard folks.


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