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Ferrari 458 Italia – West 25th Street, Chelsea

April 4th, 2011 by Dave

Most of the modern, higher volume Ferraris coming out of Maranello have an uncanny ability to make less modern Ferraris look dated. While that sounds fairly intuitive to most of you fans out there, it becomes painfully obvious to owners who spent $180k on yesterday’s news only a few year’s ago. Remember the F348? The F355, F360 and, up until now, the F430. Each model represented the must-have Ferrari of the day until, well, the day passed. Just released, the 458 Italia makes them all look like the technological equivalent of digital toaster oven. Spotted outside of this high end custom car joint in Chelsea, the mid engine temptress has 3 menacing tailpipes, more cuts than the cast of The Real Housewives and looks like the result of a NASA lunar lander that cross pollinated with a Formula 1 race car.

Hopefully the owner doesn’t engage in any tacky add ons. This baby looks just fine in stock trim.

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