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MGB GT – 24th & 10th, NYC

March 11th, 2011 by Dave

Shooting-brakes are very hot right now. High end examples from BMW, MB and Ferrari, yes Ferrari, broke cover at this week’s Geneva Motor Show. They represent a high level of utility by way of a handsome, sporty 2-door wrapper. This 1970 example from MG, spotted in Chelsea, is one of the models that helped shape the breed of 2+2 sports cars. The innovative greenhouse, combining the sloping rear window with the rear deck lid, was penned by the legendary design mavens at Pininfarina. It fuses sexy coupe design cues with the functional elements of a wagon. As I’m sure you can agree, they did a good job of making a “station wagon” appear sexier than most. We can only hope all of the European shooting brake debuts going on in Geneva make their way over to U.S. shores in the very near future. Fingers crossed.


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  • only things missing are a leather helmet and goggles on the driver seat

  • Design of this tasty oldster might have been attributed to one of the great style houses but actually originates with a GT design proposed in response to an AUTOMOBILE YEAR COMPETITION. If memory serves me right two German designers put forward a proposal to be constructed on Austin Healey 100/6 under pinnings. Very innovative and crisp it was, and evidently this was not lost upon the powers at BMC. A rare instance of clever decision making at that catastrophically mismanaged enterprise. B GT’s make us nostalgic for what was.

  • Had one in British Racing Green.
    Fun to drive with a great throaty growl
    for a 4 banger from England.