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Sports Car Mash Up (Porsche 912 vs Audi R8) – Spring Lake, NJ

February 25th, 2011 by Stu

Contrary to what MTV would have you believe, the Jersey Shore has a lot more going for it than drunken bar fights, Snooki snuggle sessions and Pauli D’s massive collection of hair products. Our loyal reader, resident street spotter and generally cool guy John Kovalsky, who was born and bred in the Jers, went for a drive last weekend down the coast to check out the surf and came across this bautiful Audi R8 sitting pretty in Spring Lake (just south of Belmar and north of the surfer’s paradise of Manasquan Inlet). John was rocking his cherry Porsche 912 at the time and instinctively knew that a photoshoot was imminent. Here are his thoughts on the unique mash up of old and new world German sports cars…

“On the dashboard of my Porsche, there is a little sticker that says ‘1970-1998 16 LeMans Overall Victories’  It  lies in between the tach and the speedo and, because of the placement, I spend a great deal of time looking at it during long drives. The homage to past victories always leaves me pensive about the exhaustive races that took place over those years. Endless nights in the rain, at triple digit speeds down the Mulsanne Straight. All the hours of refining and engineering, the white knuckle corners and focused intensity. So when I pulled up next to the Audi and saw the two cars side by side, a massive generational gap was immediately apparent. On one hand was the most dominant racing marque in past years and, on the other, was the new heir to the throne. It’s impossible to not reflect on how all those hours in the French countryside trickled down into the German sports cars that eventually rolled of the assembly line. Both are stunning and both were at the height of technologly when born. Interesting how times change. Even more interesting is to note that while form always followed function, they both remain organically beautiful to their original intent.”

We couldn’t have said it better John.

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