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Ferrari 308 GTS: SE 7th & Harrison – Portland OR

February 23rd, 2011 by Emir

Judging by the frequent Ferrari 308 sightings, it seems Portland loves them some Magnum PI. Seen here on SE 7th & Harrison, this super clean, triple black (black paint/tints/interior) GTS is looking good as new – maybe better. Truth be told, despite this baby’s exotic demeanor, Ferraris of this make and vintage are not all that expensive to purchase. Notice I said purchase and not own. A group of Inside Line editors spent nearly $5,000 on their ’84 GTSi in a 1 year long-term test. Depending upon how you look at it, that spend could be considered both astronomical and reasonable. Considering that you can pick up one of these sex machines for the cost of a well-equipped Camry, how much can you even complain. It’s a Ferrari people.

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