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Sights & Sounds: 2011 Atlantic City Classic Car Show & Auction

February 21st, 2011 by Stu

I checked out the Classic Car Show & Auction in Atlantic City this past weekend. There were some nice rides, but I’m not sure it was worth 300 clicks on the odometer to see them. The massive floor was filled with varying years, countries of origin, and levels of collectibility, but Detroit definitely reigned supreme. Unfortunately, this was one of those parties where the bouncer let anybody and everybody through the door. The website proudly touts the lowest buyer and seller rates in the country and it really showed based on the stragglers littering the floor. I actually saw an ’07 Buick Lucerne at one point. My second quibble centered on air quality. Yes, I said air quality. When you have 100,000 square feet full of cars running back and forth to the auction block, its probably a good idea to make sure proper ventilation is accounted for. I nearly passed out from all the fumes and definitely couldn’t read fine print for a good 2 or 3 hours. Survey says…next year will not get a repeat visit.

Best news of the day…my newfound interest and exploration into side view mirrors. I even made a slideshow about it.


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  • Man on the move does it again, always great to get a snapshot into this culture when I’m confined to the office. loved the pics, especially the slideshow, I’ve often found myself admiring the styling of mirrors and how some designers are able to blend in those protruding necessities…. Perhaps it’s my slight OCD for things to be symmetrical….take the B5 Audi A4 for example, the “sport mirror” on the passenger side drives me nuts when I come across one, I can’t help but think of Nemo.

    keep it up man, really enjoyed the visual change of pace.

  • Personal favorite mirror – the Talbot (or talbot-inspired) mirror (8th in the slideshow).

    Love em in a raw brushed metal finish – they were used on race cars in the 60s (like scca trans am cars), and are as necessary on an old American Cobra or British sportscar as chuck taylor all stars were on old american basketball players or british punk rockers hehe

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