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Reflections of America Series: Volume 10 – Jim’s Diner

February 18th, 2011 by Stu

“Jim’s Diner”  – Acrylic on canvas – 33” x 25”

Go to a diner with anyone driving a classic car or customized motorcycle and you will find that sitting at a window booth overlooking the parking lot is non negotiable. The line of sight between owner and cherished ride must be clear as to assure no funny business in the parking lot. I grew up with a motorcycle-obcessed father and have experienced this ritual first hand. But when you take a gander at utterly stunning classics like this ’56 Buick, can you really blame them? How would you feel if someone backed up into something this beautiful?

Of course, all of you loyal Man on the Move readers know by now that you’re not actually looking at a photograph. Rather, a photograph that has been brought to life with a paint brush and blank piece of canvas by photorealist Bob Petillo. In this 10th installment of his Reflections of America Series, Bob has set the tone for what could be a 50’s style diner in any town USA from coast to coast. It’s an instantly recognizable piece of Americana.

“Classic car owners will tell you, there is nothing like sitting by the window of a 50’s style diner admiring a chrome-clad beauty. Painting this piece, I was fascinated by how the photos I took revealed the most subtle reflections in the white surface of the hood. Putting those details into the painting really enhances the experience. The average person sees right past these details when standing next to the car. When viewing these things as art (such as in this painting) they’ll see a whole lot more. That’s what photorealism as a modern painting genre’ is all about. Many times, guys at car shows come back to my booth and tell me that they see the cars in a whole different way after seeing my Reflections of America paintings. That’s ear candy.”

Thanks as always Bob. Keep up the good work.


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