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Entries from February 25th, 2011

Sports Car Mash Up (Porsche 912 vs Audi R8) – Spring Lake, NJ

February 25th, 2011 by Stu

Contrary to what MTV would have you believe, the Jersey Shore has a lot more going for it than drunken bar fights, Snooki snuggle sessions and Pauli D’s massive collection of hair products. Our loyal reader, resident street spotter and generally cool guy John Kovalsky, who was born and bred in the Jers, went for a drive last weekend down the coast to check out the surf and came across this bautiful Audi R8 sitting pretty in Spring Lake (just south of Belmar and north of the surfer’s paradise of Manasquan Inlet). John was rocking his cherry Porsche 912 at the time and instinctively knew that a photoshoot was imminent. Here are his thoughts on the unique mash up of old and new world German sports cars…

“On the dashboard of my Porsche, there is a little sticker that says ‘1970-1998 16 LeMans Overall Victories’  It  lies in between the tach and the speedo and, because of the placement, I spend a great deal of time looking at it during long drives. The homage to past victories always leaves me pensive about the exhaustive races that took place over those years. Endless nights in the rain, at triple digit speeds down the Mulsanne Straight. All the hours of refining and engineering, the white knuckle corners and focused intensity. So when I pulled up next to the Audi and saw the two cars side by side, a massive generational gap was immediately apparent. On one hand was the most dominant racing marque in past years and, on the other, was the new heir to the throne. It’s impossible to not reflect on how all those hours in the French countryside trickled down into the German sports cars that eventually rolled of the assembly line. Both are stunning and both were at the height of technologly when born. Interesting how times change. Even more interesting is to note that while form always followed function, they both remain organically beautiful to their original intent.”

We couldn’t have said it better John.

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Ferrari 308 GTS: SE 7th & Harrison – Portland OR

February 23rd, 2011 by Emir

Judging by the frequent Ferrari 308 sightings, it seems Portland loves them some Magnum PI. Seen here on SE 7th & Harrison, this super clean, triple black (black paint/tints/interior) GTS is looking good as new – maybe better. Truth be told, despite this baby’s exotic demeanor, Ferraris of this make and vintage are not all that expensive to purchase. Notice I said purchase and not own. A group of Inside Line editors spent nearly $5,000 on their ’84 GTSi in a 1 year long-term test. Depending upon how you look at it, that spend could be considered both astronomical and reasonable. Considering that you can pick up one of these sex machines for the cost of a well-equipped Camry, how much can you even complain. It’s a Ferrari people.

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Sights & Sounds: 2011 Atlantic City Classic Car Show & Auction

February 21st, 2011 by Stu

I checked out the Classic Car Show & Auction in Atlantic City this past weekend. There were some nice rides, but I’m not sure it was worth 300 clicks on the odometer to see them. The massive floor was filled with varying years, countries of origin, and levels of collectibility, but Detroit definitely reigned supreme. Unfortunately, this was one of those parties where the bouncer let anybody and everybody through the door. The website proudly touts the lowest buyer and seller rates in the country and it really showed based on the stragglers littering the floor. I actually saw an ’07 Buick Lucerne at one point. My second quibble centered on air quality. Yes, I said air quality. When you have 100,000 square feet full of cars running back and forth to the auction block, its probably a good idea to make sure proper ventilation is accounted for. I nearly passed out from all the fumes and definitely couldn’t read fine print for a good 2 or 3 hours. Survey says…next year will not get a repeat visit.

Best news of the day…my newfound interest and exploration into side view mirrors. I even made a slideshow about it.

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Reflections of America Series: Volume 10 – Jim’s Diner

February 18th, 2011 by Stu

“Jim’s Diner”  – Acrylic on canvas – 33” x 25”

Go to a diner with anyone driving a classic car or customized motorcycle and you will find that sitting at a window booth overlooking the parking lot is non negotiable. The line of sight between owner and cherished ride must be clear as to assure no funny business in the parking lot. I grew up with a motorcycle-obcessed father and have experienced this ritual first hand. But when you take a gander at utterly stunning classics like this ’56 Buick, can you really blame them? How would you feel if someone backed up into something this beautiful?

Of course, all of you loyal Man on the Move readers know by now that you’re not actually looking at a photograph. Rather, a photograph that has been brought to life with a paint brush and blank piece of canvas by photorealist Bob Petillo. In this 10th installment of his Reflections of America Series, Bob has set the tone for what could be a 50’s style diner in any town USA from coast to coast. It’s an instantly recognizable piece of Americana.

“Classic car owners will tell you, there is nothing like sitting by the window of a 50’s style diner admiring a chrome-clad beauty. Painting this piece, I was fascinated by how the photos I took revealed the most subtle reflections in the white surface of the hood. Putting those details into the painting really enhances the experience. The average person sees right past these details when standing next to the car. When viewing these things as art (such as in this painting) they’ll see a whole lot more. That’s what photorealism as a modern painting genre’ is all about. Many times, guys at car shows come back to my booth and tell me that they see the cars in a whole different way after seeing my Reflections of America paintings. That’s ear candy.”

Thanks as always Bob. Keep up the good work.


Pearsonville Junkyard @ Twilight – Pearsonville, CA

February 16th, 2011 by Stu

Pictured Above: “Floating Headlights” – Night photography from Troy Paiva – 1963 Chrysler Imperial at the Pearsonville Junkyard (Night, full moon, 2 minute exposure, natural and lime-gelled flashlight, red-gelled strobe flash)

Another amazing crop of night photos from the dark prince of automobiles Troy Paiva. This time around, Troy explored the legendary Pearsonville Junkyard, known by many as the “Hubcap Capital of the World.” In case you haven’t seen Troy’s emotive twilight snaps on Man on the Move before, allow us to fill you in. Troy stalks and shoots abandoned places and junkyards by the light of the full moon and uses flashes and flashlights to light the scene during the time exposures. And to you all you naysayers out there, the photos you’re seeing are not Photoshop creations. Some minor digital adjustments are made to a few of the photographs (multi-exposure compositing, contrast adjustments and minor cloning), but the lighting FX and color are all done “in-camera”. Here is what Troy has to say on Pearsonville…

“Once home to 4,000 vehicles and a popular quarter-mile race track, Pearsonville has been almost completely cleaned out in recent years. Still, there is a whole range of interesting and rare 50s-70s iron in here. There are NINE Edsels in here alone! Sadly, Pearsonville is in the process of being liquidated and is about 90% gone at this point. Tragic I know, but at least it gives the work more poignancy.”

We agree Troy! Thanks for the awesome batch of photos.

“Bucket Express” – A 50’s vintage bus at the legendary Pearsonville Junkyard. Once home to 4,000 vehicles, it’s been 3/4 cleaned out in recent years after old man Pearson died. Still, there is a whole lot of interesting iron in here for a geek like me to shoot. No telling how long this place will be around .

“Series Sixty-Two” – A 1956 Cadillac converted into an RV at the legendary Pearsonville Junkyard. Once home to 4,000 vehicles, it’s been 3/4 cleaned out in recent years after old man Pearson died. Night, full moon, 2 minute exposure, red-gelled strobe flash, natural, red and blue-gelled LED flashlight.

“Rasta-Ribbean” – Mid 50s Packard Caribbean at the Pearsonville junkyard. Night, 2 minute exposure, full moon, red-gelled LED flashlight.

Source: ©Troy Paiva / Lost America (images used with permission) – These images shot in March, June, July, October 2008, March, October 2009 and March, April, September 2010.

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Deep Thoughts: Looking Back On a ’69 VW Beetle Brochure

February 14th, 2011 by Stu

I’m thumbing through the brochure for a ’69 VW Beetle, minding my own business, and Paul Newman’s handsome young mug grabs my attention among all of the nondescript imagery of farmers, families and fantastic 1960s decor. The young actor endorsed the car, calling out his long time relationship with the brand. Despite the 20 Hollywood films young Newman had made by that time, his spread was relegated to the back of the brochure for some strange reason. Word on the street is that Newman took this red convertible and subsequently stuffed a mid-mounted Ford V8 inside.

The rest of the brochure was filled with other endorsements and testimonials from all kinds of people. I bet you didn’t know this, but apparently the Bug is adept at such tasks as running Antarctic expeditions and performing all manor of truck duty in the heartland. However silly these claims appear now, it’s interesting to note how far consumer endorsements have come. Toyota’s latest campaign for instance, dubbed “Ideas for Good”, is representative of this consumer migration away from transparent one-liners of support into active participation and input from the user.

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Ford Bronco XLT – Barrow Street, NYC

February 9th, 2011 by Ian

First word that comes to mind when I encounter one of these Broncos starts with an O and ends with a J. But don’t let the “The Juice” tarnish this old workhorse’s stronger-than-oak reputation. Truth be told, they have been blazing trails and providing gratuitous levels of utility for a lot longer than the infamous football player has been making headlines.

Chew on that.

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Sights & Sounds: Rolex 24 At Daytona International Speedway

February 9th, 2011 by Stu

Pictured Above: Track level view just aft of the starting line at Daytona International Speedway

From trail-rated utes and pint-sized urban runabouts to svelte grand touring coupes and hyper exotic sports cars, automotive enthusiasm takes on many forms. So it comes as no surprise that the enthusiasts supporting these vehicles are an equally diverse bunch. Take our pal, fellow blogger and loyal Man on the Move reader John Kovalsky, for instance. He’s a former minor league hockey player turned Navy pilot who now lives and plays in Manhattan, “transitioning to the civilian world” as he puts it. John claims to have never done much photography, but these emotive pictures he snapped at the recent Rolex 24 endurance race in Daytona beg to differ. As I am sure you will agree, he did an amazing job of capturing the thrill and excitement behind this grueling season opener.

“If there is one race to go to in the US, it’s the Rolex 24 at Daytona. You can see the pits, talk to the drivers and have the same access to the race that the drivers do with the exception of actually driving the cars. This year’s highlights saw Mazda making a strong showing in the GT class with actor Patrick Dempsey’s team placing third. In the DP class, Action Express and Porsche ended their winning streak when the BMW powerplant managed to scratch out a win.  The weather was perfect…high sixties and one of the first times in memory when there was no rain”

Thanks for the great imagery and commentary John. Please do keep it coming.

The entrance to the track from the cold pits – throughout the course of the race cars will move between the hot and cold pits for serious mechanical work

Sunset over the track

Daytona Prototype leaving the pits under yellow flag

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Reflections of America Series: Volume 9 – Quincy Market

February 3rd, 2011 by Stu

Acrylic on canvas – 33” x 24”

Another amazing installation in photorealist Bob Petillo’s Reflections of America Series. For those of you just joining us, Bob shoots cool cars, paints them and mimics reality to a degree that is difficult for the human mind to comprehend. Yes, you are looking at a painting, not a photograph. This time around, Bob visited Boston to capture a reflection of Colonial America by way of this beautiful 57’ Crown Victoria. Set in Boston’s Quincy Market, the chrome sparkles with reflections of a horse and carriage.

Bob comments, “Courageously wearing my New York Yankees hat, knowing I was too fast for any Red Sox fan to catch me, I photographed this pristine classic and got the hell out of there. In this painting, the Sox logo is in the reflection somewhere on the back of the horse. Seriously though, I think I captured the flavour of the moment in this setting of America’s historical past.”

Visit Bob’s web site to see the whole “Reflections of America” series.  High quality reproductions are available for purchase.

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Austin America: NW 23rd & Thurman – Portland, OR

February 2nd, 2011 by Emir

Spotted this remarkably well-maintained ’71 Austin America on NW 23rd & Thurman and was overcome with a small car fever that had me jonzing for both an autocross circuit and a slew of extremely small parking spaces to shoehorn into. This little bugger, a variant of the two-door Austin 1300 and distant cousin of the original Mini, was made exclusively for the American market (’68-’72) in a “badge engineered” line of BMC (British Motor Corporation) cars ranging from basic Austin and Morris models to luxurious Vanden Plas Princess models and sporty MG derivations. There were even a few wagons thrown in for good measure. In all, they sold more than 3 million of these little buggers across the globe under various brand affiliations. Most of these cars were plagued with mechanical problems and, in damp climates, rusted like the dickens. That, along with the fact that many were scrapped for parts by Mini enthusiasts looking to replace their smaller engines with the larger 1275cc unit, is probably why they are so damn rare –  less than 100 of these Austin America models are said to exist in the States today. I can’t say it’s a coveted collectible, but it’s definitely rare and one hell of a street spot.

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