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Reflections of America Series: Volume 8 – Frankie’s Root Beer

January 20th, 2011 by Stu

Acrylics on Canvas – 36” X 27”

Here is another stunning piece of photorealist car porn from our talented friend Bob Petillo. This week’s painting features an outrageous ‘37 Olds with an American icon reflected in its front fender and shining chrome bumper, complete with roller skates and a short order cook. Can you find the kegs of root beer? Here’s what Bob had to say on the matter…

“I was in Ohio on my way to a car show and came across this place. The ‘37 Olds was there looking mighty photogenic. It was as if my camera started beeping and flashing and sending up flairs. Photo Moment! Photo Moment! A few minutes later, I had everything I needed to put this painting together and make it look as real as a photo. The actual painting process took a little longer than most of the others, but I think I caught a very nostalgic image of Americana. If you look deep into the reflection, you’ll find a few more extras…like my Dad’s ’68 Buick Electra and a few fries on the ground for the birds.”

For those interested, Bob offers limited edition reproductions of the Reflections of America series on his website.


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