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Entries from December 16th, 2010

Ode to the interior – 2010’s best shots just south of the dashboard

December 16th, 2010 by Stu

It’s hard to believe that 2010 will be wrapping up in a few short weeks. I guess time really flies when you’re snapping stunning sheet metal and meeting passionate enthusiasts from every walk of life. To celebrate the New Year, we have poured through 2010’s catalogue of snaps and pulled out the best of the best interior pictures. Why interiors and not exteriors? Because we can make two posts out of it when we split them up…that’s why.

We subscribe to the notion that a beautifully crafted interior can captivate drivers to the same extent as blistering acceleration or stunning exterior lines. Here’s to blood red leather seats, teak steering wheels, pistol grip shifters, Smiths gauges, machined aluminum levers and toggle switches as far as the eye can see. So here’s a recap of 2010 by way of beautiful imagery just south of the dashboard.

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Mercedes 450SL – Spring Street, NYC

December 15th, 2010 by Ian

A mid sized footprint mated with full size V8 power…this is what characterized the handsome 450SL roadster. We spotted this dashing blue example on Spring Street just before the Winter frost made its way into Manhattan. It’s in pretty stellar shape and those body-colored hubcaps are the tops. Let’s think warm thoughts as we work toward 2011 convertible weather.

Stay warm

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MG Midget – Spring Street, NYC

December 14th, 2010 by Ian

This MG Midget spotted on Spring Street is a good example what we like to call an everyday classic. The cheeky British roadster obviously gets regular use, evidenced by the seasoned paint, bodywork and duct tape-adorned convertible top. Not to mention the fact that it is parked on the streets on NYC with no regard to theft or the potential to get side swiped by a road raged-infused taxi driver. The best part…the recently added, bright yellow replacement hood complete with magic marker embossed part number and make model information. Maybe the owner is saving up to make it all one color? Either way, we approve.

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Reflections of America Collection: Volume 5 – Our Capital

December 13th, 2010 by Stu

24” x 32” – Acrylic on canvas

Painted on canvas in Photorealism, this painting is the 5th in our friend Bob Petillo’s “Reflections of America” series. This time, Bob used his very own pony car as the subject. He has entitled this piece “Our Capital”. More from Bob below…

“One beautiful April evening in Washington, D.C., I proudly photographed my own Mustang on location to be able to paint this, our capitol, the most majestic of all American Iconic images. I guess I wanted to use my own Mustang because it’s a car that was created by Lee Iacocca when he was employed by the Ford Motor Co. in the early 60’s. In my mind, Ford has always been a symbol of American Industrial strength. Mass production started with the Henry Ford’s assembly lines; later used to produce the military hardware that got us through both wars. Iacocca also headed the construction team that gave the statue of Liberty a face lift in the late 1980’s’.

Anyway, I learned about the tight security at the Capitol when I walked into a restricted area and tried to photograph a few government vehicles also for the painting. I was politely told that I was on camera the whole time and not supposed to even be on Capital grounds in that area. After the 3rd run-in with the same security officer in different areas around the building, I learned that they’d be watching me during my whole stay in D.C.’ I waved at many cameras.

The photograph used for creating the painting was taken from the place where they told me to take it…and that’s that.”

Thanks Bob!

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Music on the Move Playlist Challenge #4 – And the winner is…

December 10th, 2010 by Stu

As the Music on the Move promotion rolls on into its fifth and final week, we have another lucky winner to announce. This week’s master playlist technician, who will soon take possession of a brand new Zeppelin Mini docking station, has exhibited a keen ability to pump himself up with just the right smattering of rock ballads. More specifically, this headbanging car-guy enjoys listening to “face melting muscle flexing, 45 lb plate slamming, brow furrowing metal” while behind the wheel.

Take a bow Aaron…you are this week’s winner. In addition to that rad Bowers & Wilkins sound system, you also get to have your entry publicly displayed for the Man on the Move community to see. Hey, they don’t call it social media for nothing my friend. See his winning entry below and after the jump.

The 5th and final playlist challenge begins today. Make you submission by Dec 17 for a chance to grab the last B&W Zeppelin Mini

Playlist Challenge #4: Eye of the Tiger – Music you get amped up to on the way to…the gym, a basketball game, boxing training session, etc

“I was very excited to read this latest iteration of your weekly contest. Why? Because I listen to music that gets me pumped up before I go to the gym? No, for I do not go to the gym. However, I do love metal, hardcore and punk rock. And I do love getting pumped up for nothing and my hots on for nowhere. *catch the sneaky zeppelin ref?*

That being said, I would love to share with you my top five inner strength inducing masterpieces of the day. I commuted with these on my way to work on the subway, which, by the way; in hindsight, may not be the most ideal situation to listen to face melting muscle flexing, 45 lb plate slamming*, brow furrowing metal. Regardless, and without further adieu, I present to you my pretend bully fighting top 5 of the day:

*I am unable to lift 45lb plates

**no disrespect to the kia owners out there.  Well, maybe a little disrespect.

(Videos above and below courtesy of the Institute for Macho Guy Stuff)

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Garage Queens: Lotus Elan+2 – West 26th Street, NYC

December 9th, 2010 by Ian

Lotus founder Colin Chapman really got his jollies off building cars that didn’t weigh a lot. More specifically, he embraced the forward-thinking notion that reduced weight, not added power, was the key to truly inspired performance. Case and point, the brand’s first commercial success, the fiber-glass bodied, bug-eyed Elan you see here. It weighs all of 1,500 pounds, the automotive equivalent to Kate Moss on an empty stomach. This particular example, spotted in a garage on West 26th street, is an Elan +2, a stretched wheelbase coupe variant introduced in ’67 that was designed to accommodate a 2+2 seating configuration. Think of it as the spiritual predecessor to the brand’s new Evora, which is essentially an Elise with 2 rear seats and a longer wheelbase. Lotus only made 5,000 of these Elan+2 models between ’67 and ’75 so we consider ourselves lucky to have stumbled onto to this brilliant blue example.

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Mini Cooper – NW 19th & Kearney, Portland, OR 7

December 7th, 2010 by Emir

Seen here on NW 19th & Kearney, this classic Cooper strikes one hell of a pose against the moody black asphalt and typically wet Portland weather. Small can indeed be beautiful.

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Hertz Goes Electric – 42nd & Broadway, NYC

December 7th, 2010 by Stu

Hertz publicly displayed their electrified rental ambitions yesterday in Times Square with an elaborate EV display that included models from Tesla, Coda, Nissan, Smart and Toyota. The big news…our very own New York will be the first roll-out market in a global company initiative that will see a flurry of EVs and PHEVs added to the Connect by Hertz global car sharing operation in the coming year. The airport rental giant is flexing its gigantic muscles (4,200 rental and 200 car sharing locations in 146 countries) in order to put some scale behind the effort, which will see hundreds of vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt, added to the car sharing service well throughout 2011. The program kicks off on December 15th in New York with DC and San Francisco to follow.

Hertz, who says they are the first to provide EV and PHEV vehicles on a rental and car-sharing basis at this kind of scale, is prepping for a full-scale deployment in both the U.S. and other countries throughout 2011. Rental and car sharing locations will serve as bases for vehicles and charging stations, and tap into its technology – including fleet management tools and the consumer-facing NeverLost GPS system – to help form an EV grid. Hertz is also forming partnerships with charging station providers, municipalities, NGO’s, corporations and other stakeholders.

The program is a good idea on numerous fronts beyond the obvious first mover advantage Hertz will have over competitors who are not going green. Namely, that by utilizing Hertz’s already existing network, the brand has the ability to impact the face of our currently immature EV infrastructure in a real way, one charging station at a time. To sweeten the deal, Hertz is throwing in a 1 year memberships to their car sharing program for all those who sign up on between today and December 25th.

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Music on the Move Playlist Challenge #3 – And the winner is…

December 3rd, 2010 by Stu

(Yes, that is a Pope-mobile soap box car)

To follow up our “Sunday Cruising” playlist from last week,  we proposed something a little more buttoned up this week.  We dubbed this weeks playlist challenge, “Religion and Politics.”  What 5 songs would you play in the car with your boss, in-laws or any other sensitive individuals?  Remember that one time you had to drive your teacher home, and you had Cypress Hill’s Hits from the Bong on repeat…yea, that was awkward.

We’d like to give it up for James Lartin.  After winning a damn runner up t-shirt last week, James bounced right back and showed us a solid playlist.  Now James, you can use your t-shirt to dust off your badass Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Mini.  Listen to your tunes and rejoice in the pleasantries of a victory.

We enjoyed your selection…Thanks for participating.

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Fine Lines: American Pick Ups – American Denim

December 1st, 2010 by Ian

This all started with an old, rusted out Chevy pick up I spotted in front of a West Village deli some weeks back. The owner, a rugged looking gentleman who had just come back from grabbing his morning dose of joe, returned to the old beater sporting a denim on denim ensemble many of you may know as a Canadian tuxedo. I would normally pronounce a Marlboro Man homage like this to be completely unacceptable, but in this case, I couldn’t imagine the captain of this ship wearing anything else. I had no camera on hand and, to make matters worse, my iphone was dead. So I took a strong mental picture, and tried to recreate the experience with the post you are reading here and now.

The truck, whose flatbed was stocked with all manor of lumber and ladders, was bottle green and covered in rust flakes that were oxidizing to a pleasant shade of moss similar to what you find on old pennies. His jeans looked like the remnants of a Jackson Pollack-Pitbull encounter; completely shredded and re-patched, and covered in white paint. A denim workshirt was just barely hanging on, with the collar and cuffs fraying white yarns in all directions. As the faded indigo moved closer to the sun-bleached bottle green,  I couldn’t help but smile. Peas and carrots…nice knowing you. Denim and pick ups, welcome…you truly are the work horses of America.

This got me thinking about the origins of denim and the American pick up. These 2 items have literally been at the core of building America since their introduction. Both created out of sheer necessity, the need for durability, strength, and comfort. From the rural farmlands of the Midwest to the concrete jungles of NYC, when there is work to be done, when there is something to be built, when a vision transitions into a physical reality, you can bet your bottom dollar that plenty of pick ups and denim will be there.

There’s really 3 brands that matter when talking American pick ups – Ford, Chevy and Dodge. And when it comes to American denim, Levi’s, Wrangler and Lee immediately come to mind. Each one of these brands has created, innovated, designed and defined what we consider to be the standards. The qualities that they share, both in design and integrity, deserve a little acknowledgement. Between 1873 and 1911 all 6 of these major companies emerged in the USA.  It all started with Levi Strauss in 1873, making riveted denim jeans in San Francisco.

Check out the full post after the jump. And check out this super cool timeline we put together.

This red on red 1965 F-Series (top left) certainly stands out in a crowd. Against the white trim it really pops. As for Levi’s, a little red goes along way.  The iconic red tab is unmistakeable (top right). The two-tone 1960 F-100 (bottom left) is a beautiful white and deep navy combo in a matte finish. Similar to this pair of 1939 selvage 501’s (bottom right),  indigo and white yarns.

Photos courtesy of Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Wrangler, Levi’s and Lee archives

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